Wednesday, March 07, 2007

On the Rocks...

...and no, I don't mean "how someone drinks whiskey"!!
For those of us from Colorado (and surrounding states), "on the Rocks" can only really mean one thing....a concert at Red Rocks!!
For those of you who don't know this particular place....go to (I think that's the address) and see for yourself.
It is one of THE best outdoor concert venues in the U.S.
Carved out of the mountains looking out over the city of is quite a thing to see.

So, when Kiyoshi came home the other day, with the Dave Matthews DVD from Red Rocks, I thought that it really couldn't get any better than that!! (Dave's "the man"!!!)
Anyway....watching the DVD, I got to remembering my first concert in Red Rocks....such a memorable experience, even for a 12 year-old!! Back then, it was open seating and if you wanted the good seats, you got there as early as you could. The concert was Gordon Lightfoot and my cousins (being the totally cool high schoolers that they were!!) got there early enough (think early morning, before the sun came up!!) to get front row seats!! It was awesome!! One of the funniest "concert stories" I have comes from this event....Keep in mind that this was the mid-70' outside concert....lot's of "stuff" being passed around.....sometime in the early evening, a guy sitting next to us asked my aunt if she wanted a hit from his which she replied, "No thanks, I just had a hotdog."
Even as young as I was, I realized that that particular aunt was a far from cool as you could ever get,....I'm laughing even now, thinking about it....and rolling my eyes!!!

I hope that as you read this, if you have been to concerts "on the Rocks", you are smiling.....I love it when that happens!!!
Ciao all!!