Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Another festival for children...

March 3 was the "Hina Matsuri", or 'doll festival' here in Japan. Families all over Japan who have girls, put out displays to celebrate the girls in their family!! There are also special foods that are made to help with the festivities.

This picture is of my good friend Masami's little girl and her display. The display is actually the one that Masami had when she was will be passed down to Kanon-chan, who was born in November...she's such a cutie-patootie!

Each doll, starting at the top with the prince and princess, and working down, all have specific purposes and roles.
Everything is to make sure that the little girl grows up strong and healthy and happy. AND....if the family takes the display down as soon as the festival is over, then she will be guaranteed an early marriage....the longer it sits out passed the festival, the less chance she will have of finding her "prince"....alot of people say that is just a superstition, but you bet your bippy those dolls are neatly packed away in most houses by the 4th!!! *smile* I better call Masami and see if she followed tradition.....I'm thinking they got put up on Tuesday!!!
So....for those of you with little girls out's a little extra special *love* for you!!

Oh...and if you're wondering if we have forgotten the assured, they get their day in May....we fly fish "windsocks" and display Samurai-armor -looking stuff!! It's great!!!


Paida said...

I have a photo from japan where I am HUGELY pregnant in front of one of my private student's dolls.

What a cute baby!