Monday, April 16, 2012 the way...i'm Japan.....

so, it's been brought to my attention that i sort of came back to japan a little over a week ago and i seem to have neglected telling you about this/letting you know what we did/sharing the fun we had.
sorry about that.
after the last post, the boys and i were going great guns and our schedule got wicked busy.
(but, wicked in a really great way!)
we went back to denver...met friends and family again...had some great food and some awesome beer....
then flew to seattle to meet more friends
and had some more great food (mmmmm sushi!!)...
even did some sightseeing.
**quack quack quack**
in seattle, we stayed with a friend of mine from university...after we graduated, we kept in touch for a bit
and then we sort of "lost" each other.
thanks to the internet and its wonderful 'social networking system',
we found each other again....after 25 years!
("hi, terri!!")
aaaannnd....the proverbial 'icing on our vacation cake', was the
meeting of three people i have loved and appreciated for many years, here in the blogging world.
yep.....Mrs. G....GinaAgainandAgain...and Bad Mom.
What a great afternoon that was!!!

one of the most interesting and yet, not so surprising (when you really think about it) things was that
meeting Terri after such a long time...meeting face-to-face those blogging Goddesses....seeing my friend Ken, after almost 12 years....and spending time with our good friend Kim, after almost 7 years....
not. one. time. did it feel, i don't know, uncomfortable.
you know?
like sometimes when you meet up with someone you haven't seen for awhile, the first few moments are weird.
sort of like , " are you?"
and you're looking at the clock, praying to the 'powers that be' that time would hurry up.
that didn't happen....not one time.
even with the friends meeting for the very first time.
THAT....was awesome. borrow an idea from yet another blogging sistah
(at whose house i do plan on camping out at someday in the near future...count on it!!),
i'm going to do a bit of a
'photo dump' of pictures taken during the last of our trip.
(or was it 'picture purge'? i forget which one she used....)
in order for me to be really lazy to save time, there will be no explanations....if you have a question,
please, ask and i'll try to give you an answer!!!
mahalo, on that. we go....

~~~southeastern colorado~~~
*no, that's not a real knife...just dorky, yet very lovable, nephew!  



*and, yes...that would be heidi...and jenn...and janet...on sticks...'cause we love 'em*

the other day in class, i was explaining to my students that, when they go on trips overseas, they go to see
visit popular touristy/full of history kind of sites.
i go to see people.
i love my people.
if we happen to do some sightseeing, then that is just
extra special something-to-do with friends.

and yeah...that last picture?
totally an album cover.
you know...if i ever have an album.

have a super week, everyone.
it's monday morning here and the sun is shining and it looks to be a
superb kind of day.
hope yours is, too.
you know....superb-like!!


ChiTown Girl said...

Glad you had such a great time. I just hope the next time you make it to the states, your butt finds its way to Chicago!!! ;-)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I am so happy to have been there in stick spirit!

What a great time! You need to start planning for next year.

smalltownme said...

Love it -- Flat Heidi! I'll have to get Flat Debbie out again!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I <3 Godzilla ;)

dkuroiwa said...

and I <3 love the fact that you <3 Godzilla for without that, I would not have such a cool t-shirt.
thanks, mon ami!!

Janet said...

Janet On A Stick...sounds like a new kinda popsicle ;-)