Tuesday, July 05, 2011

just wondering....how long does one have to be gone before one can stage a proper comeback?

good lord.
obviously...someone has lost more than her blogging mojo.
she has also lost a total sense of time.
she's got no excuses.

she would love to tell you some incredibly wonderful story about how she won the lottery and with her winnings she took her family to hawaii and they have spent the last month frolicking on the beach, eating fresh mangos, and learning to surf....oh, and hula-ing every day at dawn and sunset.
yeah. she'd love to tell you that.

so what has she been doing?
thinking, here......
a lot of nothing too terribly blogworthy.
she has gone on and on about the rain and how it seems to have rained for the last 47 days this month and that she really doesn't remember a rainy season this wet.

oh...and then she got one of these beautiful pieces of  technology...

and thanks to her friend, cheri, she now refers to it as her
i-pad goddess.
(you can, too...you know...if you have one.)
she's been spending a lot of time with her goddess....they do wonderful things together but those birds that you slingshot to attack pigs (or monkeys, depending on which game you have)...yeah, they spend a lot of time together.
oh, she also uses it in class, just in case you were wondering.

thanks to the rain and the fact that she doesn't have a dryer and there are 4 people (1 of which likes to play in said rain, like the goofball he is) in this family,  she has been spending a lot of time down at the coin laundry....ever so often, she washes a buttload  a few loads of laundry, piles them into her car and hauls them down to the before mentioned coin laundry to dry those piles of wet laundry.
oh....she takes her goddess....her music....gets herself a refreshing drink that she can only seem to find at one vending machine (that just happens to be in front of the coin laundry) ...
and she waits...and listens...and plays until all those clothes are dry so she can haul them back up the mountain to her home.  she feels really good when she does this because those clothes

actually...she has just spent the last few weeks, just being she.
she needed that.
 and can't really say for certain that she'll be posting at regular intervals but she
is going to try. 
she really will.
she hopes you'll hang in here with her.
and she thanks you.
the "but, where did they come from" lilies that were blooming in the garden...the official name is "chocolate lilies" but, she thinks they were more of a burgandy lily. 
come to find out, the bulbs were a present from a student.
she loves that student very much.
yes, she does.


Gina said...

:-) Your life sounds as interesting as mine and my blog has suffered for it also. Love the chocolate lilies.. I have a few of those in my garden too.

The Other Laura said...

I sometimes get nostalgic for our old coin laundry days and then I go out into the garage and smooch with the dryer till the feeling passes.

I am always happy to hear from you in this bloggy way!

smalltownmom said...

Love your goddess! I think I'm spending too much time clutching my iPhone. Ouch!

ChiTown Girl said...

Welcome back!! I've missed you. :(

Michelle said...

Never apologize for having a life outside (or is it off?) the computer. Even the rain complaints are a little taste of "home" for me so I will take whatever tidbits you wish to share.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

We're here whenever you come back!

Karen MEG said...

Beautiful lilies -and I agee iPads are totally addictive - and difficult to blog on (see any weird typos on this comment yet? Thanks for welcoming me back too ;)

yogurt said...

iPads and texting were certainly born for the laundromat. and traffic jams.

Janet said...

I don't mind laundromats, traffic jams, waiting at the doc's office, etc., anymore either :-)