Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a blogpost by numbers....

....number of men i counted today, while shopping, who seemed to be wearing
their wives' slippers/mules. numbers in my cell phone address book.

....of those numbers belong to foreigners.

...the number of hours that i pretty much sleep a night...any more/any less and i do not function well.
i don't.

....the number of years i have lived in nagasaki.
(this week is my "anniversary"!!!)

...the number of months i had originally planned on being here.

....was the number of the typhoon (we go by numbers, not names here!) that i basically
came with when i first arrived in japan.
(i had to stay one night in seoul, thanks to #18 getting here just a little bit faster)

....the number (give or take one or two) of classes i teach every week.

....the number of weeks i had to stay in the incredibly swanky hotel-like hospital each time i had my babies.
(c-sections= 2 weeks, regular delivery=1 week)

...number of hours i danced, one summer, at a festival in a contest
(with 2 small saucers in each hand, clinking those little mothers the whole time in rhythm to the music).

...the amount of yen (about $3,000) i won for dancing in that contest.
oh, yes.
i did.

**all numbers were lovingly borrowed from the good people at google images. thank you.
the randomness is all me!!**  (^-^)


ChiTown Girl said...

VERY cool post! I love all the cool numbers you found.

I can't believe you not only danced for 24 hours straight, but CLINKED SAUCERS?! You are amazing!

Nancy said...

Nice post!

$3000 for a 24 hour workout .. I'd do it too ... so glad you won. *I'd have no doubt*


Janet said...

24 hours, holy canoli!!! You must've been SO tired at the end!

Lee said...

You dance contest winner, you! Bet coffee was involved.

Shellie said...

500 (or more)....the number of people who miss you so very much in the USA. 10,000 (at least)....the number of people whose lives you touched.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You? Are a dancing fool!

yogurt said...

Three hundred hugs and kisses, baby!! Congrats!!

A two week's stay in a hospital sounds good in theory. However, in the hospital where I had my kids, I couldn't wait to get out of there. I didn't like the nurses having more say over my babies than I did. And I'm not that big of a control freak, neither. After my twins (10cm dilated, hours and hours of unproductive pushing followed by c-section) I went home in less than 48 hours. hated that hospital, being woke (woken? awaken?) up at 4am from my first sound sleep in days so I could complete a freaking survey? I knew I'd get more sleep at home.

Ms. Lea 李女士 said...

You forgot the most important number.....You're #1...You're #1 :)