Monday, January 17, 2011

when all else fails and nothing comes to you...a little rambling never hurt anyone

We are now in the throes of almost-13-year-old angst and it is truly reeking a havoc on yours truly unlike ever done before.

He's happy.
He's sad.
He snuggles on the sofa with mom and watches TV.
He's angry.
He's lonely.
He plays and laughs with his little brother.
He talks about something funny that happened at school.
He fights with his little brother.
He's silent.
He's mumbling something under his breath as he walks by.
He comes for a hug...then stalks away.

And this, my friends....
all happened tonight.

I miss my sweet little boy who was
so happy the majority of the time and was so much fun to be around.
*Issei and our friend Kayla....9 years ago.

Yes....I know this is all normal.
Yes, I know that this too shall pass and I just have to be patient.
I know.
But that doesn't make it any easier.

and thanks Google Images for the eye candy for Debbie that also helped get the point across...hopefully...and even if it didn't...that's okay....hellLLllloooo.....EYE CANDY!!

My students crack me up!!!
A few weeks ago, we were talking about shopping and different kinds of stores and whatnot in one of my classes.  That particular day, we were talking about toy stores and the kinds of toys that
kids play with today.

One of the discussion questions was something like
"What was your favorite toy when you were growing up?"
Keeping in mind that the average age in this class is around 60, it was fun listening to what they played with.
We all agreed that not a lot of imagination was needed for many of the toys today....and for some reason, someone mentioned paper dolls.
You remember paper dolls, don't you?
I don't really say that I feel nostalgic very often, but, this day?
Oh yeah.
I remember painstakingly cutting out the clothes and sometimes even taping the little tabs a bit so they would last longer.
I loved my paper dolls.

The discussion continued on to other dolls, Barbi and her counterpart here, Rikka-chan and the like.  As we continued with the lesson on shopping in a toy store, one of the ladies quietly stood up and walked to the front of the room.
Not saying a word, she put something in my hand.

 My own Japanese handmade paper doll.
She came complete with a detachable apron
over a dress.

(We gotta get her some more clothes!!)
I sat there looking at this doll and just smiled.
What an incredibly sweet thing for my student to do.
And....I totally ignored the fact that she did this while the rest of us had gone on and were talking about something else.  Yeah....she's so forgiven!!!
Dear young girl working the third check-out counter at the supermarket,
How are you? I know that you don't really like your job.  It's pretty easy to read in your body language that you'd rather be somewhere else.  But....if it's 6:30 and all the registers are busy with lines that are 5-6 people long and your register gets a would really be in your best interest to NOT tell the two little Japanese grandmas and one foreign woman who had been standing in line for about 15 minutes that you needed "to close, could you go to another register?"  They had already been waiting for a long time and the other lines were even longer.....they really weren't very happy.  One of the grandmas might have even filed a complaint.  The foreigner may have mentioned to the information desk about this incident.
Just remember...relax...and get someone to your register that knows what is going on.
And smile, dammit.
It wouldn't kill you.
Have a good day, okay?
A not-so-happy customer

Japanese canned beer comes in a variety of sizes.

The second one from the right is your basic 16 ounces of brew.

See that little baby one on the left end?
Sometimes I'll pick up a couple..they're fun and cute and just enough when I just want a taste of beer.

Yeah...uh-huh...I can too just drink a little bit.  (^-^)

They are also good to have in the grocery bag after a really bad day and I'm feeling that if just one more person does or says me, I'm just going to lose it.....I have been known to
open one up and drink it after I pull into the parking space and before I even shut the car off to go into the house.
In the quiet of the car...before the hustle and bustle of the evening can even get started,
Mom gets a bit of a break.
And all is right with the world again.
(^_^) /*


Shellie said...

The teenage really does pass. Some boys are more ...shall we say up and down... but in the end they are still your sweet little boy. Austin turns 29 today and the memories are flooding my mind, and yes I do miss those teen years and all the mood swings, but he is still my sweet little guy at 29.

Janet said...

ahhhh, Debbie...I'm not a mom, but I've been like Issei when I was his age. In fact, my Dad wrote me a letter, which I kept all these years. If you'd like to see it, it's here:

And I love that doll! That was very very sweet of her :-)

Do you remember the small cans of Miller lite they had here in the US back in the 70s or so? I like the smaller cans, stays colder longer :-)

smalltownmom said...

Is there else anyone as old as me who remembers the Betsy McCall paper dolls in the old McCalls magazine? I saved those for years.

Gina said...

The teenage years are definitely a challenge! Thank goodness for little beers and paper dolls, wonderful people, and a little eye candy to distract us.

Cid said...

I have a 13 year old as well. And while some of his friends already have facial hair and very deep voices my "baby" is still very much a boy. But I am steeling myself for the tumultuous teens and all the girls I know will be banging on our door.

dkuroiwa said...

Shellie...tell Austin Happy Birthday for us!!

Janet....i <3 you!

SmalltownMom...oh yeah! I remember those!!! hmm...i have kept everything else from my childhood, i'm sure i have them somewhere!!1

Gina....amen. (^-^)

Cid...your son and Issei are running parallet....he's starting to feel a bit left out and refuses to answer the phone more often than not as most people on the other end think he is me. he really doesn't like that. i see a lot of little beers in my future!! ;-)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I was thinking that was a beer for your paper doll!

Ah, yes, teenage angst. Luckily it seems to come and go--it would NOT be good if it stuck around full time for the next few years.

yogurt said...

I'm so relieved to hear another mom complain about the random teen angst. Your 13 year old sounds like mine was and still is, but to a lesser degree at the ripe age of 16. And knowing it's all in preparation for the eventual, inevitable flying away from the nest for good? THAT doesn't help either.

Hugs and happy Friday to you, Deb.

And yes, smalltownmom - I remember the Betsey McCalls paper dolls! A memory I could not have recalled on my own but brings back a ton of childhood girl feelings.

Yarni Gras! said...

staying active REALLY helped Matt when that started happening. I put him in all the basketball camps I could find....and afford!

Darcie said...

Oh Deb...been there, done that, still doing it :)

And yes, I remember my paper dolls-loved 'em. Thanks for taking me back a "few" years!

Jason, as himself said...

Brilliant. Having a little tiny beer in the car before you even go inside. I must try that.

I feel for you and your teen angst-ridden atmosphere. I hear you loud and clear!