Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Meanderings.....aaaaand...We have a Winner!!!

First order of business today.....the announcement of the lucky reader whose name was drawn (seriously, out of a hat, by the K-man!) for the Japanese doll.........

maewestern you lucky girl you....your name was drawn!!! yeah!!!
Now...if you will just e-mail me your snail-mail details I can get
"Doll #2...or #4...
no #2...Definitely #2" in the mail to you!! :-D

Thanks so much to everyone who was interested in these beautiful dolls! Some of you sent messages offering to 'adopt' one and I'm saying right now...OKAY!!! As soon as maewestern and I get the answers to the mailing questions I had, I will definitely let you know!!
IF you are interested in getting one (you pay only shipping and handling), just send me a message and tell me. I'll get pictures of the other dolls put up/sent out as soon as I can!!
And now....on with the meanderings!!!
"No really. WHICH one?"

A dog? A bunny?
I said "dog", but was outnumbered by the bunny-loving men in my family.
What do you think?

This....would make a great album cover.

So would this one.

The other day in one of my all-time favorite classes...we were doing a warm up exercise, designed to get students thinking quickly in English.
I asked them to fill in the blanks of some sentences, trying to get them to come up with as many different answers as they could.
Sentence: For breakfast, I'd like to have a bowl of ___________.
One student: "Serious."
(Me, too, too.)

Yes. I have a bamboo steamer...and I'm not afraid to use it.
(I don't, however, have the ginzu knife set. Damn.)
(This was somen kabocha, spaghetti squash. Yeah, I was a happy camper the other nite.)

For Janet.
Last night as I was doing dishes, I noticed the soap bubbles on one glass I was about to rinse.
Can you see what I saw?
(It's kind of I was looking for my camera, the bubbles slid a bit.....)
Look carefully.......

...a little bit closer now......

Janet is right....there is love everywhere you look!!!

These flowers were at the temple yesterday. They were beautiful and upon closer inspection we realized that they.....
were made from paper plates.
Man, but those temple dudes are good!!!

Though I love Colorado and her mountains very much....
if I ever had to leave here, I'd HAVE to live somewhere close to
the water...because I would miss this...
way too much.

Koji....doing his best impersonation of a dog.
A really cute dog.

We are right smack dab in the middle of a 5-day holiday, which began on Saturday. This holiday is being called "Silver Week" was keiro no hi, or "Respect for the Aged Day"....hence the silver??
Actually, we have another long holiday in May and it is called "Golden Week", so I'm thinking they are just sticking with the theme. Who knows. All I know is that I have two more days of being at home with the boys...the weather has been great (knock on wood) so they have been able to play outside.
Thank you, Lord for that!!
Have a great week...
and if a silver someone you know is close,
stop by and say "hi" or take him/her to lunch...
flowers and sweets are calls are good, too.


phd in yogurtry said...

It's a puff bunny!

smalltownmom said...

It looks like a bunny to me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Deb, I would really like to have one of the dolls, I will pay the shipping. Shellie

Kimberle said...

You are right - most definitely a dog. Look at the snout/muzzle - bunnies don't have snouts!

hulagirlatheart said...

Call me silly, but I thought it looked more like an airplane than a bunny.

And I thought we were going to see Mary or Jesus in the soap bubbles! LOL.

Janet said...

Once you start seeing those hearts, you'll see them everywhere!!!

I think the cloud looks like a dog, too :-)

Nancy said...

A bunny for sure but ...

...this post? Probably my fav one of your lately =)

I like a bunch of info all told at once!

<3 said...

allright.. jealous..

she picked mygirl.. ;0)
we would still love to have one..
let me know ..what we need to do..
ps.. deb you write the most wonderful posts.. love my mimi vaca's
mona & the girls