Friday, September 11, 2009

In Memory...

...of all those that lost their lives on that terrible morning, 8 years ago.

I remember watching the news that night as I was getting my things ready for the next day....then....the first reports on CNN...the speculations of everyone and as we watched the second plane crash into the second tower, I remember the total shock of what I was witnessing....I stayed up most of the night in front of the TV, knowing I would get very little sleep...hoping...praying...that what was happening was all a big mistake.
I remember, as I sat watching the news at school, the next morning, the moment that huge American flag was dropped over the side of the Pentagon....I sat in that room and just sobbed...uncontrollable tears rolling down my face....feeling the most incredible feeling of helplessness.
I hope never to have to experience that again.

As on that day 8 years ago, my thoughts and prayers, today, are with the families and loved ones of those who died.

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It all comes back as though it were yesterday.