Monday, April 06, 2009

I'll take "Random Crap" for 50, Alex.

Some women are just the matter where they're from.
On Friday, I had to go to the store to get some material and extra stuff for some sewing I needed to get done for the boys before the start of school (which is tomorrow for Issei, by the way!!). As I was checking out with my purchases, the clerk (who is about my age) mentioned that if I had my cell phone, I could scan a special bar code and get an extra 10% off my total purchase.
Never one to pass up a good deal, I quickly got out my handy-dandy phone and proceeded to do what was necessary. When it was all finished....the clerk noticed the picture on my screen.
And that is when I realized that if you put---
2 Japanese clerks,
3 mid-40's shoppers and
1 foreign woman with
this on her cell phone....

You might possibly get 6 women in a very intense discussion over what is "sexy" and what is "too much".
We were divided, by the way....3 of us thought My Man Dwayne was just what we needed, the other 3 thought he was a bit too much. ("Ew," was an actual comment by one. Can you imagine that? I was nice and forgave her, though.)

I can honestly say that the 10 minutes this all took place, were the funniest 10 minutes of the day. Well, it was probably more than 10 minutes, because I sent the picture to the other 2 ladies' cell phones...and that took a bit longer!!!

The best question by one of the clerks?

"Is that your husband?"

I think I might have snorted at that!


I had a "bag lady" kind of weekend.

As I mentioned before, school starts tomorrow. Actually, the "opening ceremony" for Issei and the rest of the students is tomorrow, the "entrance ceremony" for Koji and the new 1st graders is on Wednesday. Issei is not happy about the whole going back idea~~at all. As usual, the vacation went much too fast for him and no, he is NOT ready to go back. "Suck it up, mister", says I, "you're not old enough to get a job yet and you need an education if you want that really great job at CNN/MTV/some place other than the 'golden arches'." Which, when I start lecturing talking to him about, I'm so sure he mentally reaches up and totally turns me "off". Oh well....I might have possibly done that to my mom
(No, Mother, I didn't...of course I didn't...I just said that for the sake of the blog...of course I listened to absolutely every single thing you jabbered on about discussed with me!)

So anyway....the list of various things that Koji needs for school is quite long and there are about 5 bags of various sizes he needs, to carry different items. Thinking I could take the "easy way out", we went to the store to look at and possibly purchase some bags, but....sadly...none of them appealed to my persnickety 6-year old. (Damn.)

I am a woman who faces challenges. I have a sewing machine. I can sew, dammit. Making these bags? No problem.
Actually, it really wasn't too terribly difficult...just a bit time-consuming...but I did it.

When Issei was a 1st grader, I also had a 1-year old AND a job that allowed me very little time for anything else, so...we bought his bags.
The guilt I put upon myself about that was intense...yes, I can take myself on wonderful "guilt trips", I really don't need anyone else, thank you, very much.
So....a few of the bags....I made for each of them. Yes, I know that Issei will only use his for one year. That's okay. I don't even think he realizes that he didn't have "momma made" bags...doing this was more for me...he just thinks it's cool that he has a new bag...we are both happy.

*Big tote bags to carry everything
**small bags for their toothbrushes/cups and
***a bigger one for Koji's PE shorts and t-shirt
****bags for their school shoes
I have only 3 more bags to make for Koji and then I am done. He won't need the extra ones until next week, so I have some procrastinate, you know!>

"I'm not happy and I'm running away."

Koji got mad today. Issei and I are not really sure exactly why he was mad...I'm sure it was something that one of us said/did/didn't do/whatever.

It made him even madder when I mistakenly chuckled at him and his preparation for leaving.

He had wrapped all his "very important stuff" in a small flannel blanket and tied that blanket onto a baseball bat. With the bat over his shoulder, he left the house, looking sadder than you have ever seen!
That kid breaks my heart, sometimes!!
Oh, he didn't go too far...I ran after him and after talking to him for a bit, I convinced him that it was late and getting dark and if he really wanted to leave, tomorrow morning would be, didn't he remember the yummy pie we had made earlier to eat after dinner?
(That might have been the clincher.)

Later....I was curious as to what he had packed into his bag, so while he was taking a bath with Daddy...I went out to the genkan and found this by the step:

I carefully opened it up....and here is what I found:

Koji's very important stuff:
*a cow hat
*a small radio (looks like a milk carton...thanks, our very special aunts!!)
*a page of Pokemon stickers...most missing
*a small bean bag
*2 Happy Meal robots
*a gold dragon and
*his Snoopy wallet with 1,800 yen (about $18).
I folded it all back up and tied it on the bat....just in case, you know, that he still wants to leave tomorrow morning.
I'm thinking he has changed his least, I hope he has!
You all have a great Sunday....and if you feel like running away, don't forget to pack a bag of your "most important stuff", but, I hope someone convinces you to wait for another day..... you'd miss your mom something terrible....and you might miss a really delicious dessert for dinner.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Running away--a rite of passage for sure.

Do the kids brush their teeth at school? If so, what a great idea.

smalltownmom said...

When I was little, I used to pretend to run away but never got further than the end of the driveway. I'm grateful my boys never tried it.

Helena said...

Someone asked if he was your husband?! Wow!!! And what's with the "Ew" comment? There's not one ounce of "Ew" in that photo!

Ooohhh, so Koji decided to run away today. I love what he packed. That is so sweet! And also how he packed it - flannel blanket and baseball bat. Excellent!

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Deb, Just wondering if Koji is allowed to cross the street alone? That has detoured some many runnaways. Good luck to the boys on their first day back at school. Shellie and Guys

phd in yogurtry said...

Oh, that runaway tote, all tied up around a bat? Priceless! And no food? Hilarious. Maybe his plan was to stow away dessert instead of enjoying it in the company of his family.. but then forgot all about it?

Ginaagain said...

Good luck for the new school year! Delaney was asking me if she and Issei are in the same grade but I think he's actually two years ahead of her despite being almost the same age. They certainly need a lot of bags! Do they carry those too or shove everything in the cool backpack?

I love the treasures Koji packed to run away with.

Janet said...

You're such a good mom :-)

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

If I were running away? It would probably be because I already used the blanket-wrapped baseball bat.

Those bags? You wow me.

Mrs. G. said...

I'm with you. Dwayne is just right.

Liking the cow hat.

Brooke Mondragon said...

Hey Deb, I am wondering, can i borrow your apron?! I need something to inspire me!

Happy Easter!


The Girl Next Door said...

Oh the cell phone in line thing? Cracking me up I had to take a potty break before finishing the post...

and running away? Yeah, they all do it. Still breaks your heart.

Pissed Off said...

I love your picture

Yarni Gras! said...

husband said when he tried to run away...after the 3rd time, his mom put him in the car and drove him about a mile from the house. (they lived in the country so the area was desolate..)
Then she said, "this is as far as I can take you" and gave him 6 bucks.
He decided right then and there to never run away again! HA!