Thursday, April 16, 2009

Can I be random with you? It's been so long...I hope I haven't forgotten how it's done

Since I completely subconsciously ignored all the signs on the Internet telling me that Easter was coming....I spaced it out. No Easter Egg tree. No chocolate bunnies. No chocolate eggs. No eggs at all, for that matter. one really noticed and I thought that all was safe.
Someone posted a picture of the basket of goodies she had given her daughter and asked us to count the ducks in the picture for a prize. I felt really bad because Issei was standing here, looking over my shoulder, when I was reading that post.....I asked him to help me count the freakin' ducks and it dawned on him that Easter had passed us by. When he asked me what happened, I could not even tap dance my way out of that one...I just apologized and "oh, look...I think I found another one!"

So.....Thank goodness for wonderful friends (**mwah** to you, Fumiko!!) who travel abroad during the Easter holiday and pick up goodies for me and my boys!!
Cadbury goodies, no less!!
And all was right with the world.
I got some new glasses last week....any thoughts?
(And by my asking for "thoughts", I'm only really asking for just nice comments, okay? okay!)
**BTW...I got a haircut yesterday and that mess on my head, has been taken care of!!**

Elvis has left the building....and he took some homemade bags with him.
Here are the last of the bags needed for school....small ones for the boys to carry their masks for when they have lunch duty (more on the whole "duty" thing another time). These were made from a pair of my "fat jeans"~~I got sooo much stuff out those babies...they were HUGE, I'm tellin' ya!!

This is what happens to our favorite 6-year-old almost every night about 6:00 since he started this whole "school thang"....dude, first grade is hard, yo!

A friend (Hi, Trenda!!) has offered up a temptation that just makes me cry thinking that I'm going to have to say "no".....there is a Jimmy Buffett concert in Las Vegas in May...."Why don't you come?", she types to me.
Like that would be a fun one to explain to the K-Man....."Yeah, so honey....I'm going to spend 100,000 yen ($1000....that one shouldn't spend if one is planning a trip to the States in July!!) to fly to Las Vegas for the weekend to see Trenda and go to a concert...I'll be back Sunday night....casseroles are in the freezer....**mwah**...see ya later."

Since I have never been to one of his concerts (even though I am the one person that truly NEEDS to go since I have been a fan since waaaaaaaay before it was cool....can you say since I was about 12 years old?!?!), you don't know how tempting this was!!
In my sadness, I visited some of the Buffett sites I like to cruise and live vicariously through and Lo, and behold....a sight that made me wanna sing (among other things!!).

One of the reasons I do so love being a member of the phlock......
may I introduce to you "Urban Cowboy", from the Tropic Nation site......
Lordy, Lordy....there is a Goddess up there who wants us to be happy!!

Something that just made me giggle.....

The parents at the boys' school all take turns doing "morning road safety patrol"'s kind of a mandatory volunteering situation. I don't really mind doing it. The place for our area is near the house and doing it takes about 30 minutes out of my morning about once every 2 months.
Usually, a few days before, a bag with the necessary items that are to be used are delivered to the house by the person before me on the list. In the past, there has been a yellow flag to hold (I do love stopping traffic with that!!) and a banner that is worn much like the Miss America banners.
But this year.....there was a new item added.....
Yeah. Sure. Okay. And just in case you are wondering....the tulip hat?
No. It stayed in the bag....and only worn for the purpose of this post. is quite a fetching getup, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Love the new eye wear, sounds so mych cooler as we age. Looking forward to the new doo as well, but I have to admit I like the volunteer get up the best...the hat is to die for.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Sorry about the Easter basket ducks. ;-(

I LURVE your new glasses. I LURVE the bags you made. I LURVE your favorite six-year-old (and the other one too!).

I want you to go to a Jimmy Buffet concert! I went to my first one this year, and it was tres fun. That's saying something because I glommed on to Tom's work-sponsored event so our tickets were for the lawn (far from the stage and everyone was standing. all. night.), it was cold, and I was the only sober person in the crowd. But it was still fun.


Janet said...

LOVE the shot of your youngest taking a nap...adorable!

smalltownmom said...

Great glasses!

Sorry about Jimmy Buffett.

Poor sleepy little boy. I loved taking "stealth" photos of my boys when they were sleeping.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

The glasses and the sash are mahvelous

I believe I was 13 when I went to Woolworth every morning for a week to check if the 45 for Margaritaville had come in (the 45!).

The Girl Next Door said...

Wait, I missed EASTER?!

And you know you have a standing invite to see Jimmy Here, too. even if I got shut out of tickets this labor day weekend. I'm sure I'll find some somewhere...

Moxy Jane said...

I LOVE the new glasses, Debbie! Very fetching!

Do you make bags for absolutely everything??? I love seeing what you'll come up with next;-)

The closest I've ever come to seeing Jimmy B. was when I worked at a record store in Maryland that sold concert tickets. The Parrotheads began camping out the night BEFORE the tickets went on sale and by the time I arrived at 9 a.m. the next morning to open up, our parking lot was pretty much Margaritaville!! Good times! I'm sure you'll get your chance.

3rdEyeMuse said...

bahaha ... I do love you randomness! ... and that HAT!! yep, would have left it in the bag, too. :)