Sunday, December 30, 2007

Some silliness on a Saturday nite it is...another Saturday night....("and I ain't got nobody...I got some money 'cause I just got paid...")....and though I really should be in bed, here I sit.
Have done enough perusing on YouTube, I'm sure that my count of "videos watched" is getting pretty high!!!

Thought I would share something with you....

My youngest sister, Anna, sent me this video that she did for class (she's going to grad. school out if Vegas, baby!!). It's really good...of course, I am a bit biased, just watch....what else are you gonna do for the next 5 minutes or so?!?!

And, hey....if it gets famous...remember that you saw it here first!!!

Oh...and by the way....she IS the main character (in the green t-shirt) and her husband, Joe is the "man in black"!! It's funny AND makes a point at the same time!!

**The picture on this "screen" makes it look like some kind of porno or slasher flick, or something,'s not...maybe!!!

***Oh...if you happened to watch to the end of the credits...No, Joe is not going by the Willson name...the director just put his name down as that...It should be Joe Goble.


Mrs. G. said...

THIS IS SO FUNNY! Congrats to your (cute)sister on a job well done. I love the guy wiggling the bars around! Thanks for putting this up.