Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dan Fogelberg, Aug. 13, 1951-Dec. 16, 2007

I'm very sad this the newspaper today was the blurb that one of my all-time favorite singer/ song-writers has passed away. I have been in YouTube for the last hour or so just watching and listening to his songs.

I started listening to him when I was in high school...and his words and music made such an impression on me. Dan and I went through so much together...his music was the one constant in my life for a very long time. Looking through his album list, I have every one... though I love them all, my favorites are Home Free ('72), Captured Angel ('75) and Nether Lands ('77). His voice was pure, his words were moving and his music will live in my heart forever.

Rest in peace, will be missed.

"I love to laugh, it's my main thing. I love to abuse the English language."
D. Fogelberg

Dan had oh so many wonderful is one of my favorites...a live performance..just a man, his guitar and a voice that is just beautiful.


Mrs. G. said...

Missing Dan over here too. He was the soundtrack to much of my childhood and teen years.

Susan C. said...

I read your blog, and immediately went to the sight with Dan's songs and listened. My albums are on records at home, and tonight I have to go home and listen to them. Longer, Leader of the Band, Same Old Lang Syne, these songs have so many memories for me. I get real sentimental when I listen to them.