Wednesday, January 17, 2007

June Cleaver, Donna Reed and Fanny Craddock?!?!?!

No?...maybe not...but with those aprons we sure could give those "TV Moms" a run for their money!! (And aren't we pretty?!?!) Of course, we would have to do some major work on our wardrobes, but...we could do it!!!
A few weeks ago, Jan (in the middle) celebrated her 20th year in Karen and I, being the good friends that we are, helped her out as much as we could!!! As we were all in the kitchen doing various odd jobs to get food ready, Jan thought that what was missing were the aprons....and she proceeded to bring out some that her mother had given her when she was home this summer. They are all handmade and all have embroidery or smocking....quite "retro", if you ask me!!

**Jan put it perfectly in her comment...."a little bit vintage....a little bit rock n'roll"!! Smashing!!

I'm sure that most of us, if we went into our moms' or grandmothers' storage boxes, we could all find similiar items...actually, I probably have a couple of Grandmas that have some in their drawers in their kitchens!!! Jan let us keep the ones we were using....and as shocking as it may seem to my friends and family who know me so well----I have actually used mine a time or two.
My mother-in-law will be so pleased to see me wearing one since the idea that I never had an apron always is a topic that induces many a head to shake (with the "tsktsk"ing that comes with it!!)

So...Jan....thanks for the great's always nice to receive "treasures" from friends!!

(By the way....Karen will also celebrate 20 years in Japan this year and last year was my "Congratulations" the right thing to say?!?!?!?! )
By the way #2...Fannie Craddock was a British TV character that was right up there with June and Donna!!!


jan in nagasaki said...

how come all your readers haven`t left comments????? don`t we all look absolutely fabulous... a little bit vintage... and a little bit rock and roll!!!!!!!!

oh well. we`ll just move on with our lives in relative obscurity and live life to the fullest in our aprons.

viva la checks and smocking!!!!

Shellie said...

Just smashing...just smashing is how all of you look. Made me dig into my drawers and dig out grandmas. Need all of you to make me look good. Hubby thought I had lost it when I was dancing around the kitchen whistling. Think my apron will get hid if I don't protect it.

dkuroiwa said...

I'm thinking that if more people see this picture, we can start a "revolution" of sorts!!! Puttin' a new spin on things!! Us in Japan...Shellie in Colorado...anyone else care to join us?!?!?! *big smile*

SaraRow said...

Jarrett has a Georgia Tech "grilling" apron...I'll have to ask if he wants to join your club :) You ladies look maaaaahvelous, simply maaaahvelous!

Karen MEG said...

Cute aprons, and such a cause for celebration!!! I'm so glad I found your blog Debbie, these posts about your life in Japan are really fascinating.

I've always thought of Japan as being so different, almost as if another planet ... seeing you living there, catching a glimpse of your day to day, I'm sure it is still very different from the N. American life, but it makes it more tangible for me, and sweetly normal... if that makes any sense whatsoever!