Saturday, January 06, 2007

I am "Supergirl"...well, 65% anyway... Now I am "borrowing" links from others...this time from "The Green Lantern" (aka Lauren!). I took the "Which Superhero Are You?" quiz and found out that I am 65% Supergirl, 35% Wonder Woman (D-uh!) and surprisingly enough, I am also 60% Superman!!
(Go figure!!)
Click on the link and find out which 'super hero' qualities you have...

I am "lean, muscular and feminine--honest and defender of the innocent".....and that is in my free time!! *smile*
Now I must close and get my "Supergirl" beauty sleep!!
Good nite.....


Paida said...

Don't worry about the borrowing- I borrowed it from someone else...

Anonymous said...

You are Superman

Superman 85% You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.

Green Lantern 85%
Supergirl 67%
Wonder Woman 67%
Spider-Man 65%
The Flash 65%
Iron Man 60%
Robin 50%
Batman 40%
Catwoman 40%
Hulk 25%

Go figure...I always knew I was a tom-boy.Gonna have to work on the feminne things I suppose. Shellie