Thursday, February 17, 2011

...when a nostalgic memory almost brought it all to a standstill...

yesterday....i was on my way home from a doctor's appointment.
i had rushed from my morning class to the clinic to get there before the "last call of the morning", which was at 12:30.  i hadn't been able to stop for lunch so i was pretty hungry.
i had bought a Pepsi Nex (not sure what it's called in the States,'s a pretty good diet cola) and was stopped at a light.
remembering the peanuts (omiyage {souvenir}brought to the class by a student),  i dug in my bag to find one i had saved for something to snack on until i made it home.
the light turned green and as i drove off, i popped a few peanuts in my mouth and took a quick drink of the soda.
at that moment,
a nostalgic feeling of tsunami proportions washed over me.
i almost had to stop the car the feeling was so strong.

somewhere in my memory, i am with  (and here is where i'm a bit fuzzy)
my Granddad Vess...or maybe even Daddy Charles...
i'm standing in the the old Jett Hardware Store (a store long gone from my hometown),
the doors are open (as they sometimes were during the summer), the wooden floors polished and shining.
the sounds of the men talking over the day.
the smell of cigarettes in the air.

the feeling started as soon as i took a drink of soda to wash down the peanuts.

somewhere in that memory
someone put some of these...
in one of these...
for a cool afternoon snack on a hot summer day.
and at that time and place, oh so long ago,
it was just delicious.
and many years later...a half a world away...
i was that little girl again, spending the afternoon--or at least, a few seconds--
 with a grandad (or daddy!) that she dearly loved.

MRI update:  the examination went okay.  i'm still curious as to why the one on my back took almost 20 minutes, but the one i had on my knee? oh yeah...30 minutes!!  wild.
i go next thursday (or friday) to get the results.  until then...i'm to take it easy, don't do anything that will cause  pain ("Duh!!") and continue wearing the brace".
done. done. and done (or at least, most of the day!).
thanks for your good thoughts.
sure do appreciate them!!

a last note:
how silly is it when the spell checker recognizes "Duh" as a real word!?

**Thanks Google for the Images**


Nurse-to-be said...

I love when you share those memories! AND I love the warm and fuzzies when that happens and I am back in time in one of my favorite moments. <3

Gina said...

What a nice memory! Thank you for sharing it.

Janet said...

what a lovely bit of nostalgia for you!!!

Yarni Gras! said...

its true how those memories can knock you over....I used to do the p'nut cola thing.....what great memories, thanks for sharing!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I have heard of that peanut/Coke thing, but have not tried it.

I tried it get all nostalgic with a strawberry Fanta a while ago, but it. was. not. the. same!

starrfy said...

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yogurt said...

I once had a roommate from Georgia who couldn't believe I'd never heard of dropping peanuts into coca-cola. This Jersey girl was all, HUH? WHY?

And you know what? Here's the crazy part. 20 years later and I've never even tried it. Shows you how seldom I drink cola. I'm determined to give it a try now more than ever. Wonder if I'll get the full effect drinking caffeine free pepsi?