Sunday, September 19, 2010

some special thoughts...Eat, Pray, Love...and God bless Chuck Taylor

A long time ago, I remember my grandmother telling me that she really hated the fact that as she got older, time seemed to be going by much faster than what she would like...and sometimes she felt as if, when she woke up, she had slept through more than one night.  I laughed and she said "Just you wait and'll happen to you", which made me laugh even more.
Well, guess what?  She was right.
Holy crap. 
 Here it is Sunday afternoon and really, I'm not absolutely positive what happened to
Thursday, Friday or Saturday.
I looked at my schedule for the rest of the month and then for October and November and I don't see it getting any better. Between classes, festivals at both of the boys' schools and the two community centers I am associated with and just trying to keep this house from going completely to the dark side, I'm thinking that one day very soon, I'm going to wake up and I will have completely missed Christmas
and the New Year holidays altogether.
(Oh great...that reminds me that I need to get started here in the next few weeks planning my annual Christmas party for my students!)

Thank goodness I have things (like this blog and a certain social networking place) to help me keep my life in balance...which means all of you are helping, too.  I appreciate that oh so very much!!

Dear Janet,
I was thinking about you today.
I know that things are not going exactly the way you'd like them to, assured, those of us out here who love you, are sending you our warmest thoughts of the
i hope you are feeling better soon kind.
On Friday, I wore your mother's pin you sent me....with the hope that the sunshine we had happening here, my good thoughts and most of all....the incredible good hair day I had going on..were all somehow getting to you.
Much love,


Eat, Pray, Love....a great book and a pretty wonderful movie, but....
even though you may not have had a 'movie date' with you husband in a really long time, this probably isn't the best movie to go and see with him.
Granted, you will both enjoy it're gonna want to talk to a friend about parts of the movie and he won't really understand what you're talking about because, well, you know why....and that friend knows why, prepared to probably go and see it again....the next time with a really good friend (who just got back from Australia and needs to get over her jet lag quickly as I'm in dire need of some java time.
 I'm just saying.)

After watching the before mentioned really good movie, the K-man and I were wandering around the shopping mall, meandering about the shops (much of them too young for us, but was
like a real date, ya'll), when we finally found ourselves at the shoe store.
(I didn't even know we were lost! heh heh heh!)
Now, let me stop right here and tell you that I very rarely never buy shoes in Japan...unless they are mens' shoes.  I wear a size 25.5-26 (which is 8 1/2-9) and those sizes are almost impossible to find, if you're looking for a nice pair of pumps or heels or hell, even a pair of ugly flats.
I would have loved to have found a cheapy pair of plain white Keds but, such luck.

Buuuuut......suddenly a pair of pink/yellow/green plaid VAN'S caught my eyes...they were just almost what I didn't know I was looking for!!  And because they were Mens'/Women's....they had my size.
I was looking for a bench to sit down and try them on when....yoohooo...again, with the eye-catching-shoes....
but this time....Converse...and, oh yeah...these...I wanted...definitely.
Oh please, oh please, pleasepleaseplease let them be in my size.....
because really...
this little piggies
...definitely need to be spending some time
in these...

Oh yeah...
My week month just a got a whole lot easier to handle, me thinks!!

Monday is a holiday here....Respect for the Aged day.  We will  treat Grandma K to dinner at a restaurant of her choice....we'll also probably buy her some flowers.  She doesn't really need for anything and flowers are good in any situation for anyone...shoot, I might pick up some for me, too.  I'm not aged yet, but....I may need some flowers to match my new shoes!!!

Have a great week, everyone. 


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Those shoes scream "Debbie!"

I have been thinking about Janet a lot, too.

ms-teacher said...

love the shoes, loved the book, and loved the movie. I didn't see it with my hubby, instead took the daughter and we both enjoyed it immensely.

So, the question I asked the daughter is out of the three places to visit, which would you choose first? She chose Indonesia. For me, I would love to go to the center in India for some quiet, me time. How about you?

sherry said...

That does it. I'm going to see this movie this week. Maybe get some fun tennies too.

Jason, as himself said...

Yeah. Eat, Pray, Love--not the best movie about marriage!

Awesome shoes.

Life with Kaishon said...

Those are the best shoes EVER : ) Love them! So excited you found them! I haven't seen the movie yet or read the book. I feel like such a slacker.

Janet said...

Oh Debbie that pin looks awesome on you! I'm glad it has a good home :-)

I feel SO much better today! Went for a walk around the complex with Dave last night, then for a ride to see the full moon and even out to eat. I kept saying it's going to be too much and he kept saying, you can do it. And he was right!

As for your son...I'm afraid I have no words of wisdom...other than I bet it will pass and he'll realize his Mom is fantastic!!!