Thursday, June 24, 2010

if i have mentally "fallen and can't get up" there a special number i can call for help?

*Totall acts of randomness on a late Thursday night as Debbie decides if she is going to set her alarm for 3:30 in the freaking morning to watch Japan play Denmark in the World Cup.*

Yes, a tie is of utmost know...when you're a professional...
answering the phone..dispatching people here and there.
The movie du jour at the Kuroiwa house this week...
King Kong vs Godzilla.
It's a classic...or so the three men in this house will tell you.

You know how people hang things from their rear view mirrors in their cars?  Maybe you do.  Me? I have a very cute flip flop air freshener hanging from mine.

So, the other day, I was on the city bus, going to a class when I happened to glance at the bus driver...or more specifically, at the gearshift next to the bus driver. There are probably rules against drivers hanging things from the mirrors, so they do the "next best thing":
(I bet his wife/girlfriend worked really hard on that!!)

In the "Yes, children sometimes do channel comic strip characters" category:
I give you my contribution.
The weather has become very warm and muggy and according to the resident 7-year-old in our house, "perfect for catching bugs".  We have no less than 6 bug boxes of various sizes in the entrance way of our house, all home to bugs and critters and even one crab.
The other night before dinner, Koji went on a bug-catching expedition.  He came back with a couple that were pretty good (and no, 'pretty good' does NOT mean "MMm..they were delicious"!!), but...he also came back with a tummy, left arm and upper thigh affected by the evil poisonous hairs of a not-very-nice caterpillar.  He even had some incredibly itchy bumps in his belly button.
He was not a happy camper.  After a visit to the doctor the next morning and meds to help with the itchiness (and the redness and puffiness and uncomfortableness), he started to feel a little better.
(This picture was taken on the second day of meds...looking waaaay better than what it had!!)

A couple of days later, I noticed that in the newspaper, Calvin had caught the chicken pox and there was this picture:
I showed Koji the picture and (hand in the air, swear to you!) he said, "Cool."
I've always joked that I thought that Koji was Calvin, but now?
Speaking of channeling comic strip characters.....
I think that my inner-Debbie is trying to come out.  Don't worry because, if she does? I'll take pictures and definitely blog about it!!

Just because this makes me laugh whenever I see it:

And with that?
I'm done. 
Having decided that I probably will not set the alarm to wake up before the butt-crack of dawn to watch the Japanese soccer team, I'm just going to bed.

Good night, all...or good morning (depending which part of the globe you are),
Do have a lovely one, okay?


yogurt said...

I LUV that flip flop air freshener! So cute. And poor little guy with the tummy rash. Hope this episode doesn't dampen his plans to be an entomologist! Cuz that's what every mom dreams her sons will grow up to be one day, huh?