Sunday, May 30, 2010

a little more than a day late and then? pffffffftttt. nada. zip. zilch. nani mo nai.

Have you ever had one of those weeks where oh so much is going on and as the things are happening you think to yourself, "Oh...this is going to be such a funny post." or "Man....I canNOT wait to get to a computer and tell people this."?
And then...when you get home? 
Nary a word gets typed....nor idea gets imagined...nor joke gets told.
This, my friends, is what has happened here.
Not sure exactly why this has happened, I just know that it has.
I thought I had some blogging momentum going last night and then...
ended up taking this
and making it look like this
Sure, it's not perfect...what can you expect at 11:00 at night, no real plan of action and material that really isn't suited for such a project.  It will be my prototype...which may or may not be used to make more.
I also realized that I have used that particular material before last year, when I made these

Ah...creativity...she is a bit of a fickle bitch, coming and going into my life...never know when she will turn up or what she has up her sleeve for me.
Oh...I also, in my endeavor to NOT type on the computer, went through a pile of pictures that have been waiting, patiently for me for about forever a few months to go through.
In one pile of pictures, I found a picture that I had taken about 16 or17 years ago.  I had used it in a book I put together for my nephews,
"Aunt Debbie in Japan", to share with them about my life so far away. 
This one was taken as I was on my balcony.
Then I realized that that shirt? That white one right there?

I had it on a couple nights ago.
Which made me realize that
a) Boy, when I buy something, I do actually sometimes, on occasion buy good quality stuff.
b) I really don't get rid of stuff, do I?

I'm hoping that tomorrow is better....or today, actually as it is very early in the morning already.
I will leave you with a 'better late than never' flamingo
which pretty much sums up my feelings...


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

And it still looks good on you!

smalltownmom said...

I love the sieve...that's what it's like for me, too!

Jason, as himself said...

This just proves that you are crafty and a smart shopper and not wasteful!

Ginaagain said...

I love the sifter graphic! Did you create that? The bag is also really awesome. And the blouse... explain to me how you keep something white for that long. You are the queen!

ChiTown Girl said...

I'm totally with you on this one. I actually bought myself a pretty little journal when I first started blogging because I would always forget all the brilliant post ideas I'd come up with during the day, and when I got home, I was forced to post crap! So, I tried writing it down. Sadly, I can't remember where the hell the journal is most of the time, so it was kind of a wash. :(

The bag is beautiful! You are quite a talented little crafter, aren't you?

I have a LOT of things hanging in my closet, and taking up space in my drawers that I KNOW I had before my son was born (which would make them almost 17 years old!) and some that I had even before I got married (almost 20 years ago!) so you shouldn't feel bad about your pretty blouse. First of all, the fact that it's still white is amazing. And, it's obviously a classic style, cuz it STILL looks good on you! And, thirdly, the fact that it still FITS you is freakin' awesome!! Not all of us can say that about clothing we had 16 years ago. :(

Ms. Lea 李女士 said...

I am the much to Blog and then I sit at the Computer with a Blank Stare!