Monday, May 10, 2010

It's amazing the things I find when I clean....

*or Yes, I know Mother's Day is with me folks, would'ja?

So....Mother's was yours?
I hope you had a great day...and were treated just a little more extra special than usual.
My day?
It was great.
I mentioned over on that "social networking" place that I was "trying to come up with a plan to get ALL the Kuroiwa men OUT of the house for a few hours today... THAT would be the perfect Mother's Day present!!! (^-^) ♥ "
And you know what?   
They left. All of them.
Do I know where they went?
Do I  care?
No...not really.
It was wonderful to spend about 4 the house...alone.
No music videos, no whining/fighting/complaining/pissing/moaning, no little boys running in and out of the house, no Nintendo DS, no one asking me every 15 minutes if they can "get something to eat or drink".
I had the house...the TV...the CD player...the sofa... all. to. myself.
If I could pass on how that felt to you all, a heartbeat you'd be feelin'
In those 4 hours, I actually got quite a bit accomplished.  In spite of spending a good portion of that time on the sofa, reading a book, I got laundry done, the kitchen and bathroom cleaned and some work actually done in my room.
And...I got flowers from "the men" when everyone returned home.  I was so surprised.
(I'm usually the one who gives the money and takes the boys to "buy Mommy some flowers".)

In that whole "cleaning of the room" process, I came across something that I thought I had lost.
Every now and then, I get huge tsunamis of inspiration.
Sometimes, I make stuff to give to the people I love the most...I've even been known to write a poem or two.  Though I am no Walt Whitman or Emily Dickinson or even Maya Angelou, I still put a lot of thought into what I write.
Which brings me to this.....a long time ago, in celebration of Mother's Day, I composed a poem for my mom.  It's not perfect and probably could be considered very high-schoolish, but...that's okay.
My mom liked it. 
That's all that matters.

Ode to My Mom

As I sit here with my glass of wine
and ponder the things to say
My mind is jumbled with so many wonderful thought
(and it's only a small glass, okay?)

It's Mother Day....aahhhhh yes...
that time of year we say
a special "Thanks" to our Moms for
the things you do everyday.

Some mothers do just the basic stuff--
Like remind us of about that "nice underwear" thing.
But it's a special Mom that goes the 'extra mile'--
"That's you!" (your daughter proudly sings).

Each week,  you send the news, comics, puzzles and
we mustn't forget that Letterman.
My friends are jealous and they ask,
"Where did you get her? We want one!"

"You mean...your mom doesn't do that?"
I asked sincerely, with a slight grin.
And then, "Gee.  How do you stand it?"
and I go home with a package, you've put a video in.

You are a special, one-of-a-kind Mom
and I'm so very proud to say,
"You...are my best friend."
(and I don't really have another line here, so will just say "Yay!!")'s with a ton of love that I leave you with this....
appreciation, adulation, veneration,
determination, consideration,
affection, undivided attention,
adoration, devotion, masturbation,
(just checking your concentration!)
moderation, moderation, moderation,
fascination, you need a vacation,
protection, photographic sensation,
a standing ovation.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.
I love ya!

And no...I didn't forget....
come back tomorrow as the
giveaway winners will be announced!!!
Toodles, everyone!!!


San said...

I always love my alone time. Glad to hear the guys granted your wish.
Those flowers are beautiful!

Janet said...

This so reminded me of when I lived in Japan and my parents sent me frequent care packages...we're lucky girls, aren't we!

Shellie said...

I luv the tribute to did a great job on it. This is something she will cherish forever I am sure.

Ms. Lea 李女士 said...

The Flowers are Beautiful.....I Love the Pictures!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Four hours?? FOUR hours???!!!! Wow. I'm jealous. I dream of being in charge of the TV.

Happy Mother's Day!-Love the pictures and the poem.