Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A pep talk...of sorts

Dear Debbie,
I had just a few moments before I needed to turn off the computer and thought that it would be a great time to get this started to you.  I've been meaning to send this know how it is.  A great idea ends up spending most of its time on yellow sticky notes...going from place to place, from notebook to notebook and then....where do those notes go, anyway?? (^_^)

I wanted you to know that I am so proud of that son of yours.  Issei looked so handsome at his graduation!  It's hard to imagine that he is already getting ready for Junior High.  Remember what you were like at that age? And some of the things you did?!?  Honey!!  You really need to send your mom a letter and just apologize for all the grief you wasn't so much (you think!) but...still...she'd probably like to hear you just say the words....and then...she'll probably laugh....and say "what goes around comes around" and you can just "yes, mother. it does." and go on.  Think about it.

By the way....the pictures from graduation were great......and I know you don't really want to hear this need a haircut, sweetie.  Seriously.  I know that your friend, Eduardo, told you one time that "you may not be from Texas, but you got a Texas attitude".  Texas attitude is okay....Texas 'big hair' is not.  Call your lady.  Make an appointment.
Oh....and I know that you're thinking of getting a perm...right? Well....don't.  You've seen that movie, you know how it turns out.  It's not pretty.  Just go for the cut.  I'm just saying.

It's now almost the beginning of April...are you ready?  There are so many things happening...Koji goes back to school and starts 2nd grade next week....Issei's entrance ceremony is on the 7th...(Do you have your dress? What are you going to wear?)
 And patient with the boys...I know they are having a hard time right now,'s just a stage.  Personally, I'm thinking that they are both a little stressed about how things are going to change next year (plus all that other stuff going on emotionally and physically in their little bodies!!)....just do what your momma told you to do years ago when Issei was a baby and almost driving you to drink with that damn colic-----go outside. Take a walk.  Leave the house for a little bit....the boys will be okay.  YOU need to get control of YOUR emotions and sometimes, stepping back from the situation is the best thing.  It's okay.  You are NOT a bad mom....and when you get back from your walk, try to find that Nanny show...those kids are waaaay worse than yours.  Go on.  Watching those rude little bastards kids will help you appreciate your own.

Oh...I thought of something else....have you put together your bloggy giveaway thingy yet?  I know you're busy and about to go crazy, but.....taking care of the people who come here and read your slightly off-the-wall ramblings might help take your mind off of the other stuff breathing down your neck.

Might I suggest something?  You already have a couple of those "funny English" t-shirts that I just love...why not some more of those slippers that you gave away last year?  They were pretty popular's an can make those yourself!!  (Oh, yes, you can!)  That would be something fun to do.  You could turn that into an English lesson with some students....I bet they would love that!! And....go through those drawers you've got stacked up in the corner of your room...I'm sure you can find something to use that wouldn't cost too terribly much to send.  Didn't you get some really nice Japanese washi paper a few months ago?  That stuff is so pretty!

Have I forgotten anything?  I'm sure there is more I needed to tell you...I've got a sticky note around here somewhere......hmmmmm....

You take care of yourself.  Oh! (I remembered!) one more thing.... that whole "I've gotta lose 10 pounds by my birthday" train of thought you keep jumping on?  Don't do that.  Just work on changing your way of thinking to "Let's see what we can do this week.", why doncha?  You're going to be turning
40-*cough cough*-something soon and's time you just got happy with your body and quit beating yourself up whenever you eat something you shouldn't or, God forbid, drink something that isn't 0-calories. You were doing so good there for awhile...get back to that, okay? okay.

Now....turn off the computer and get some sleep, will ya?  Tomorrow is only've got a lot to do this week....get it all done and then you can go out with your friends on Saturday night and just have a great time.  (Though...Lord only knows what kind of trouble the 4 of you crazy foreign women could get into...really, girls...remember...moderation, moderation, moderation!!)

I'm here if you need me....
{{hugs}} to you,

Some sakura (cherry blossoms) for you...we have been pretty much in full bloom this week....
...and some yamazakura ('mountain cherry blossoms')
Japan is very pretty right now! I do so love this season!!


Shellie said...

OMG Deb, that was wonderful...a kind of reality check we all need. You are a very special person and you have a wonderful family. Appreciate the small things, all those crisis moments will eventually be fond memories with lots of laughs and giggles. The boys will survive; if you don't strangle them first, and the doors will keep opening and offering many more days of trials and tribulations. You are not just a good Mom you are a "GREAT" Mom and you are the only one who has to be convinced of that. Pull those big girl panties up and smile that awesome smile you have. Luv Ya.

Janet said...

Thank you for sharing that letter with us...I so wish (I think) that I got a chance to have kids and see what I put my Mom through LOL!

Thank you also for the beautiful cherry blossom pictures :-) Sigh...

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Boy, that Debbie had a lot to tell you.

I have to say, "yes!" to the leaving the house when the kids are driving you nuts. I usually did it when they were bickering about whose turn it was to do this and who dropped that on the floor and didn't pick it up.

The leaving (instead of continuing to nag and yell) thing would throw them so much I'd come home to a clean house!

smalltownmom said...

I like that. We all need to give ourselves a little pep talk now and then.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I need a pep talk as well. Yours pretty much covered everything except the turning of 40 (damn you Debbie) and the perm. What they hey? Don't do it. listen to Debbie. She knows. She does, I swear.

Love to both the debbies...from the ONE suz. (Of course I have mulitple personalities. but the others are not computer literate.)

Darcie said...

Nice one Deb. I needed that too.
I have apologized to my mom. Many times. Hoping to break that curse of "what goes around comes around."
Didn't work, but it made her feel better!

p.s. Thanks for stopping my blog-will keep you posted on greenhouse. They sold out fast last year.

Darcie said...

Sorry. I meant-stopping BY my blog. Fingers got ahead of brain.

phd in yogurtry said...

Oh, now I can think of a Texas city or two where big hair is still the rage. Thankfully, it ain't Austin.

Yarni Gras! said...

ah, what a wonderful letter. Makes me want to write one too...but I'm too lazy! HA!