Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stuff that needs to be said....

To the young mother in the grocery store yesterday, about 6:30, p.m. with the screaming little girl in the candy aisle~~

your beautiful little girl was NOT going to be happy until you let her put whatever it was she was throwing the fit for, into that cute little basket you let her carry and your standing there, staring at her... looking put out and pissed off was NOT going to help either. Believe me...that bag of tomatoes and liter of milk you had in your arm were NOT worth it...put your stuff down...pick up that out-of-control little girl and calmly walk out of the store. We've all been there...and really...walking out is the best thing to do.

To all other drivers either behind me or meeting me in traffic~~~

due to the fact that I spent approximately one month driving in the United States, please bear with me and remember.....if you suddenly see my windshield wipers fwapping back and forth, I am either going to turn or change lanes. Thank you for your cooperation...we hope to have this remedied very soon.

(Note from Debbie...not only are we getting re-accustomed to the whole left-lane/right-side steering wheel thing again, our main slight confusion comes from the fact that the windshield wipers and the blinkers switches? Yeah, they are on opposite sides of the steering wheel over here.)

To the one who was a perfect example of "right person-wrong time" in my life~~

Thank you for your message. Though we met briefly a very long time ago, your impact on my life was a strong one and your "I am sorry for hurting you, but not sorry that our path's crossed as they did." (though about 22 years after the fact) meant so very much to me. Oh...and just for the record, you were the only one to pass the

"Jimmy Buffet quiz of true love"...ever.

To four very special ladies....I must apologize to you all (I'm sure more names could be added to this list, but let's start here, shall we?) I have letters started to all four of you, but am having a hell of a time getting them they actually get in the mail:

Cheri~~I did so enjoy meeting you, Koji and Issei want to come and stay...maybe we could work out a trade for a while?

Katy~~I totally agree with you and yes....the beer!!

Steph~~so glad you liked the tea is also good as 'sun tea'...try it!

Jenn~~my heart just smiles when I think of you and the whole BitchHer group. Thanks again, for a wonderful evening.


To the makers of bras, these days~~

What is up with all the padding in your new bras??

Yes, they did take some getting used to and they do (how do I put this delicately?)....put "my girls" in a more "Whoa! There they are!" sort of position, but they also sort of make me feel like I'm 12 again and really wishing I had some boobs to fill up the training bra that mom just bought, and.....seriously....

Good Lord, people!! They stand up on their own!! No really....put one on the floor or on a counter and it will.....stand up!

Anyone care to enlighten me on why this is the new trend?!?!

Here's wishing you all a "perky" Thursday!!!


Busy Bee Suz said...

I agree with you on the mom/child in the store. Walk OUT!!!

I don't get the bra thing either. Back when I needed the padding, it could not be found. Today, I don't need it (thanks to the extra weight) and can hardly find a bra or bathing suit with no boobs in them already!!!

ps. when the girls and I are shopping and we pass the padded bra's I always reach out and squeeze one and make a beep beep sound. Yes, my kids hate this.

Miss M said...

Oh how I wish for a perky Thursday... or Tuesday... heck, a perky any-day-that-ends-in-Y!

Driving in another country messes you up!! WHen we came back from Italy, even though they drive on the same side, it still took a few weeks to get back to normal. The Italian drivers were an intense bunch!

Susan said...

My husband hates the bras, too. When he tries to sneak a feel, all he get is bra! But, those of us who were less fortunate that others, I love the extra help! Thank you Victoria Secret!

Kimberle said...

Right person, wrong time???? Who is this mystery man?

hulagirlatheart said...

The perky thing is great..until you try to store those bras in a drawer. They look like they're trying to escape!

Paida said...

Could not agree more about the bra thing!

Even stranger is that you CAN NOT find a pre-teen bra that has a clasp in the back that DOESN'T have padding. My pre-teen daughter actually doesn't want her boobs to look any bigger - but getting a bra on and off her head gets to be a bit annoying. We finally just went ahead and bought one with padding, but she never wears it and I don't blame her it looks pretty ridicules.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

One would think it obvious that a 38D doesn't require any help.

I was honored to have you--it was a great night.

The Girl Next Door said...

OH hell I have been away tooooo long. I am hurting from nodding my head "yes yes!" at the mom and laughing out loud at the bras. I bought new boobs so Ididn't NEED the pads and now? I can't find a bra without them. What the...???

And I am totally stealing Suz's "beep beep" in the stores - that's funny!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

You send me those boys! They want to swim and hang out with us, and we want them! Laura would love to come to Japan. I'm sure we can arrange this.