Sunday, August 23, 2009

The homework battle

Or....How I saved $20 by NOT buying this game, and still got the same results.In Japan, during the month-long-ish summer holiday, our kids are given homework to do....a lot of homework. Not only your basic math/science/kanji kind of homework, but also reports, arts & crafts things to make and, as in the case of our 6th grader--food to make and things to sew and for our 1st grader--morning glories to observe and count every day. (By the way...Issei made pancakes today for breakfast....he did a pretty good job and only one small 'flipping' incident, but, other than that, it was a success!!)

IF a child were to work for an hour or so everyday, then, by the end of the vacation, all should be done.

No problem. at Kamp Kuroiwa, that is not the case.

Oh, we did so good during the first part of the vacation...working at Grandma's house at the kitchen table every morning. But then...Daddy came and we started the "family" part of our summer and..well...holy hell.
And I can almost guarantee that this last week will be just that...hell.

It's 11:00, Sunday morning...breakfast is just barely over and already we have had tears, loud voices and I do believe that an eraser was thrown. It's not going to be a pretty day here, folks.
Not. Pretty. At. All.

Issei? Issei does good. He is old enough to know that if something doesn't get done, on the first day back at school, when everyone is turning in papers and projects, NOT turning in something is a bit embarrassing. He's been there. He's not the only one to have gone through that...but he learned his lesson back in 2nd grade and he is really good about getting things done. He understands it when Mom says, "If you get these two pages of Math done, then you can go outside and play for an hour." He understands the need to prioritize what needs to be done, what has to be done and what can be saved for later.

But now....Koji.

My youngest is an example of why, when I was an elementary school teacher, I refused to teach ANY class younger than 4th Grade.
My youngest is testing the patience of everyone in this family.
We will be lucky if we all survive.
As far as what I had planned to do today? As far as what the K-Man had planned to do today?
Not important.
Today, we are making paper from milk cartons for fans and a lampshade (Dad and boys) and sitting at the table next to Koji to keep him on task in Math and Japanese (Mom). (Which is why I am so glad I have my new little makes the process of standing guard sitting at the table soooo much easier!! Later...a cold beer will also help!!)

Now? We are going outside for a bit of a 'working break'....looking for leaves, flowers and such to put into the paper for our projects.
Wish us luck today. We are going to need it.

Funny thing...when I Googled 'homework frustration and kids' to see if I could get some pictures for this post...'cause I know how that sort of jazzes up a post.....this picture came up on the second page~~it was titled "Avoid Homework Frustration". I kid you not.

I do so love Google.

**Blog update.....we survived the day...the projects got made and are now drying in the entrance way....hopefully they can get finished in a few days. Koji? After more tears and a few more bouts of loud voices, he did manage to get a few more papers done. One more week to more week to more week to go.....


smalltownmom said...

I am soooo grateful we didn't have any summer homework! Back to work/school tomorrow for me and Ernest.

Paida said...

I feel for you - holy moley I can not IMAGINE trying to get the kids to do an hour of homework EVERY DAY!!!

We wish you were STILL HERE!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Yay! You survived.

Ginaagain said...

Poor kids.. poor Mom and Dad! Thanks for reminding me that I need to make sure my high schoolers have done their summer reading.

Busy Bee Suz said...

An eraser was thrown? Please, stop the madness!!!!!! :)
We are in the same boat here. Well, with no tears...yet. My oldest has had work to do all summer. They start school in about oh, 15 hours and guess what she is doing right now??? yep.
good luck.
your title/sub title cracked me up!!!!

phd in yogurtry said...

I often think kids should have homework of some sort, even if simply to read a classic book or two. Or something to keep them writing, say a summer journal. In fact, I could simply have them do this myself. Ah, but today was last day of summer. My kids are back to the grind tomorrow.

Must you wait til the last day of summer to inspire me? ; )

hulagirlatheart said...

Ug. Homework tears..the worst kind. Hang in there.

Cid said...

Two weeks tomorrow my guys will be back in school after nine long weeks. I think a Marguerita will be my drink of choice that morning!

Susan said...

Glad you made it through! I sure don't miss those homework fights! I remember you going through this with Issei. He is getting soooo grown up acting. Koji will get there, too.

Miss M said...

Hooray for no homework here!! Good luck this week!