Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yeah, so it's Thursday...I've started something here...

Random Bit #1

It's a boy!!

Our friends Mel and Tatsuro just found out today that they have been given the "okay" for the adoption of a little boy they have been working so very hard to get!!! They have been filling out papers, going to interviews, having visits and overnight stays and waiting...always waiting to see if they were going to be approved. happened!! My heart is just so full of excitement and happiness for this couple....they have wanted this for so very long. They will make wonderful parents and that little 3-year-old boy is one lucky little kid to get to grow up with them.

Congratulations.....and welcome to the wonderful and wacky world of raising little boys....let the fun and adventure begin!!!

**Issei...3-years-old...asleep...wearing his new sea monster goggles.**

Random Bit #2

After 4 days of this.....

...Kamp Kuroiwa is now on its way to getting back to regular chaos normal. Koji's class at the daycare was struck by some kind of wicked, evil bug that took most of the kids out of school this week. Since Sunday night, he has had a high fever and complained of headaches and his tummy was (and I'm seriously quoting on this) "hoojie". That's my boy!!!

Today, he is home again, but the fever is gone, with only a lingering cough that will soon be history, also. It's amazing how different it is around here when one of the boys is yelling....such 'mixed emotions' I am wrestling with here!! But, I am glad he is feeling better....a quiet and lethargic Koji is not good....makes Mommy kind of sad and she wishes she had magical healing powers.

Random Bit #3

Not to tempt the Gods and Goddesses any, but....have you heard the latest news on air travel?

Last summer, when we were making plans to try and come "home", the surcharge that was being added to tickets (for the high fuel costs) was adding a total of about $2600 to our tickets. According to random (of course) sources, it seems that from April, those surcharges are going to be drastically cut. They will go from 80,000 yen per ticket (about $800) to possibly less than 5,000 yen ($50).

As I am once again tossing about the idea of coming for a visit this summer, this bit of news makes me oh so very happy!!!

Now....again with those Gods and Goddesses and planets and moons and whatever it takes to make this happen...let's just hope we can get some good prices on tickets...great connections...and that my gracious, wonderful friends (Waving Hello to Southern California and Denver!!!) will let us camp on their sofas and floors for a day or two!!

Just in case...I'm going to the temple to say a prayer and make sure I have enough good luck charms to cover this!!

Random Bit #4

A special announcement:

This is to let all interested parties know that the PS (Packrat Society....not to be confused with the BS group, of which I am also a member) will be trying to schedule a meeting for sometime in the near future. We would like to discuss certain topics such as "Living with Compulsive Clutter Disorder" and "Disposaphobia is something we can beat." We are also looking into asking guest speakers who are known for their confusing ability expertise in these areas. If you are interested in joining this group, please contact Debbie. Thank you.


Nancy said...

Wow, you a bowl of tid-bits today =)

1)YEAH! and Congratulations

2)So glad Koji is doing better. We hate to see them down, but secretly enjoy the calmness,(with some guilt)

3)My O My ... indeed I hope the rates make it possible for you all!

4)Packrat? Umm, don't even ask my family about how I used to line up soup cans, ABC order, towels folded so they don't touch each other in the closet, clean the window tracks with Q-tips ... truth ... but I am healing. I have a layer of dust throughout my house as I type this =) ... and no intention of dusting today!

smalltownmom said...

1) We had that same mask!
2) Poor sick boy.
3) Southern California? I'm on the north end of it. You're invited.
4) Let me know when the meetings are!

Janet said...

I hope Koji feels better soon :-)

Oh, I remember the excitement of getting to go visit friends and family!

Dude, I'm so in that club!

3rdEyeMuse said...

what a fabulously (mostly at least) wonderful Random bit post - sorry 'bout Koji, but am happy he is on the mend.

oh ... count me in, too.

kim said...

Uhh... Southern CA and Denver? Where is the mention of SEATTLE???

truebitch said...

Thanks for posting our good news, girlfriend!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I have a whole room for you--complete with bed AND sofa bed. The airline rates have been crazy good lately--I've gotten tix to SF for SB for 130 rt and for MVP home from Denver for 99.