Friday, March 06, 2009

a great-hair day just makes everything so much better

Today....was a great day....even though it started out rainy and a bit dreary, it was the complete opposite of Monday...and believe me..THAT was wonderful!!!

About 11:00, the sun came out and it was beautiful...still chilly, but the sun was out was so nice.

Leaving the house this morning after no mishaps or arguments with getting Issei on his way to school, I glanced in the mirror one last time (you know how we do!)....

and seeing my hair doing exactly as it is supposed to pretty much put a spring in my step and a smile on my face.

It was going to be a great day!!

I may not have an incredible ponytail like the great ponytailed one, but....I can still have that same feeling with my short, slightly messy looking locks!!

My classes went great....and Issei's visit to the doctor today after last night's coughing fest turned out good because it was just his allergies acting up and not something more serious. Got some meds...some spray...and he will be good to go in about 8 days!!


Went into the Urban Dictionary, you know, just to see if MY word hoojie was in there...and....butter my butt and call me a biscuit!! It's in there!!! But.....I'm thinking that I need to get in touch with the powers that be over there, because my definition is just a bit is what they say it is:
A word that should give one a sour feeling; it is used often like a noun or adjective to describe something distasteful. The word can be stated randomly, without any prompting, and one should let out a slight chuckle (ever so slight). One could describe another's words to be "hoojie," or one's ideas, but hoojie cannot describe another's clothes, or their accessories.

No...I don't think so. Definitely going over there when I'm done here and see what I can do about adding another definition. My friend Jenn mentioned hoojie in her blog the other day....maybe what we need is more exposure....hmmmmm....proof of usage...I feel a plan coming....!!


Shana tagged me for an award! And it's an ass patch that I am supposed to pass on to ten people, link to their blogs and then comment on their blogs informing them of the honor of joining the sisterhood ass patch for your jeans award sorority. **But, I'm going to be a bit lazy and just send you all an e-mail message...okay? okay.**

FYI....the K-man is working on making an iron-on of this award even as I type. He's nice like that!

To continue with the "shaking up of things", I'm following Shana's lead and going with the last 10 commenters on my blog who have blogs of their own (bloggers that I do truly enjoy and count on almost daily to brighten up my existence, for a bit!!).

So step up, sisters, and accept your ass patch award!

Post it on your site, then tag other blogs. If you want to continue this trendy trend, make it the last 10 commenters on your blog :-D










I'm working on getting another award out, but this one is taking a bit longer than I had initially thought. I have to make the right choices, ya'll....sure wouldn't want to make any mistakes!! I'm thinking I'll get it up tomorrow...maybe Sunday....yeah, I way to get people to come back, right? :-D Oh well....a blogger's got ta do what a blogger's got ta do. :-D


Just in case you thought I had forgotten.......Some fun new friends from my BFForevah

(Dena, I do love ya, honey!!).

*Picture from the catalogue **The gang hanging out at the keyboard and then finally.......***My favorite one of the bunch. Aren't they all great!? (but that last one especially!!)

Now I'm trying to figure out where to hang my new lovelies!!!

Happy Friday, everyone!! I wish a good hair day to you all!!


hulagirlatheart said...

Excellent!! I'm all about the ass patch. Thanks! Have a good weekend, no matter what your hair does. 20 mph winds here today. Ponytail day here.

smalltownmom said...

Thanks for the award, Debbie!

Great hair days just don't happen for me, except on the days I've just visited my hair goddess.

3rdEyeMuse said...

that's got to be the coolest ass patch ... EVER! don't mind me if I am slow ... I'll do my part one of these days. really.

hooray for the good hair day & nothing worse for Issei.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Hoojie Mama!

Your hair is niiiiiice!

And thank you!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I know exactly what you mean about good hair days. Yours looked excellent.

Thanks for the sister-love.

Mrs. G. said...

Your hair looks fantastic!!!!

Grandy said...

YAY for good hair!! :)

What a cute award! You deserve it chica!! ;)

Janet said...

oooh that ass patch is HAWT!!!