Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Something that just kind of made me chuckle....

Okay...so I have been trying for 3 days to post a video from YouTube to share with you, but for some reason, I cannot!! And this is really frustrating because I have been posting videos to the blog I have for my students (using the same Google information!!) and have done so with no problems!!! AAAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!

ANYWAY.....what I wanted to post was the information about a new movie that, really, is one of those "things that make you go "hmmmmmm""!! I must admit..I am intrigued......

This is a new movie opening up in Japan on September 15 (soon!!) and honestly, I really want to see it!! First of all, it is a movie by director Takahashi Miike, who, I once read in an interview, is a Quentin Tarentino wannabe!! And he proves it, I'm thinking in his new movie "Sukiyaki Western: Django".
So here's the drift: If you like "spaghetti westerns" AND Tarentino movies, me thinks you're gonna love this!! The previews are great!! There is alot of cool sound effects, grungy guys staring at each other...just think Eastwood, Van Cleef, Terrance Hill (a Hutches-family favorite!) and any movie they were ever in that was filmed in Italy!!!
The film is actually a remake of Sergio Corbucci's Django.
Quentin Tarantino has a part in the movie.
Set during The Genpei Wars at the end of the 1100s, the Minamoto and Taira gangs face off in a town named Yuta, while a deadly gunman (Ito Hideaki) comes to the aid of the townsfolk
And now...the best part about this movie is......ALL THE ACTORS (except Tarentino!) ARE JAPANESE AAAAAANNNNNDDD IT IS IN ENGLISH!!!
Yes...all the actors and actresses are speaking English....
Now, I don't know how many of you have spent much time around Japanese people, but...with the exception of a few (like my man Ken!!) very few movie stars can make themselves understood in the English language.
I have watched the teaser a few times and, honestly, there are a few places that I have no idea what is being said!! I told my friend Karen that we will probably need to take beer with us to the movie...that might help!!
Of course, I told my students that they will probably be able to understand the dialogue as it will be in "Japanese English" and that is what many of them speak!!! :-D
Okay....so here is the YouTube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S61ySyaJQSE
Go and check it out...then tell me what you think!!!
(and yes, I am smiling to myself....hoping that it's here next Wednesday when I have an afternoon free AND it's "Ladies Day" at the theater and I can get in for a bit cheaper!!)
I hope you all are having a good week...it's getting cooler here now and as I have been teaching my students..."Fall is in the air."!!!
much love...


Anonymous said...

Hey kiddo - well, I don't know when we'll get to see this one.....we JUST now saw the "Letters From Iwo Jima" and "Flags of our Fathers"!!Nothing like being on top of things!!
Thanks for the heads up-i'm guessing Ms.G would love it!
We're getting ready for the 22nd.
Wish you were here.