Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ah...what a fickle wench a typhoon is,....

Typhoon #11 update....So, when I went to bed last night, the typhoon looked to be headed in our direction...if not directly over, then she was to be coming pretty damn close...close enough to give us some pretty good wind and rain. Now....this morning, it seems that she has decided to head on west, into the China Sea....away from us. *whew*

Now, as much as I love a good storm I am relieved as you just never can tell what kind of power will come with a typhoon....that kind of wondering I can do without!!
So....the good news is that there is a nice breeze blowing today which means all the laundry I hang out today will actually dry today!!! (and no, most people don't use dryers here....too small, takes too long and cost waaaay too much in electricity!!!) It is almost 10:30 and I have already hung out 4 loads, with only 2 more to go and then I can move on to something else....the windows are all open and a lovely breeze is doing a great job of cleaning out the air in the house!!! There is a good chance it will rain a bit tomorrow, so the more I get done today, the better!!! It's also cool enough that I might just get some candles made today...gosh, the list of "things I could do today" is so long!!!
I better get moving on doing something constructive and not spend the whole day sitting here at the computer!!!
You all have a great day and a wonderful weekend!!
Much love,


Shellie said...

Glad to hear the storm missed you. Candle? I guess I need more info on that. Getting a bit stressed here, wedding in 1 week.

Susan C. said...

Hi Deb,
Love your blog, I check it all the time. Just wanted to let you know, I am going to Denver, Oct. 7 to walk in the Susan B. Komen Walk for the Cure. Christine lives in Greeley now and I am meeting her for the weekend and walking with her. A friend (Douglas Co. Treas) was diagnosed this last summer and undergoing treatment now, I am walking for her. Let you know how it goes, we doing the 5K. I am really excited! Talk Soon.

jan in nagasaki said...

watch out typhoon number 15 is coming and if it hits, it looks like it is going to be a doozy!!!!