Wednesday, April 13, 2011

an 'onegai' to you

an onegai in japanese is a favor or can also be "please" when asking for something ("onegaishimasu.")....and i have an onegai for you today..
it's been a month since the earthquake and tsunami.
the level of devastation is hard to comprehend.
the stories are heartbreaking.
and yet...there are so many people who are working so very hard to help the people in these areas try to find some kind of "normal" in their daily lives.
they need your help.
big or small....your donations are great appreciated.
and still needed.
jason kelley and his crew working at socks for japan are working so hard to help the thousands of people living in the shelters.
and they are doing it with socks.
amazing isn't it?
it's wonderful how a simple pair of sox can brighten a cold, wet day for someone.
a pair of sox....and a note of encouragement.
jason is documenting his travels and deliveries on his blog.
go and's heartbreaking to see the pictures of the destruction and the conditions in which so many are now living. but.....we canNOT forget that they are there and they need our help.'s my onegai for you....
if you belong to a group....a church...a club...a sorority...a class...or even if it's just you and a friend or two...think about donating to jason kelley and his socks for japan organization.
your goodness will help jason and his goodness and that's...well....

whether it's socks...or money...or something else....
the people....the children...need your help.




smalltownmom said...

I was crying at some of their stories, and at the photos of the smiling faces receiving their socks.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Oh my gosh--the picture of that little boy next to the van is the most heartbreaking of all.