Friday, October 16, 2009

A successful Friday....with my thanks to you!

First of all....I want to shout out some 'thank yous', 'arrigatos', and some 'graciases' to the readers who answered the questions about Halloween I posted the other day. I printed off your answers and took them to class today to use. You all gave me such wonderful answers....and not all were the same, so we had quite a lot of information to compare!! The ladies enjoyed the discussion and everyone had their own great comments and they also asked a lot of really good questions!
So, my friends.....thank you....oh so very much.
My eternal gratitude and undying affection are yours.

The chatting class is one where I offer my students
"something to eat...
something to drink...
and lively and entertaining conversation"
once a month.
I have, for previous classes, made a variety of things for them to eat....chips and dip, poppy seed cake and this month's treat~~~carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.
Just for the record....I'm one of the belief that carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is a "never fail" matter what the cake tastes like, the cream cheese frosting is going to make it can't lose with this one!! my true fashion....I tend to procrastinate. I truly believe that I do better under pressure...under the gun, so to speak. It is an idea that was proven time and time again in high school and university. When I was teaching in South Texas, I was famous for not doing lesson plans (that needed to be turned in to principals on Monday morning) until late Sunday night. Even when I was working at the public school and then again at the private girls' school here, I would wait until the very last minute to make tests and grade papers.

I thrive on that feeling that I'm just not going to get done and all hell is going to break loose...and the end....I finish. It almost always turns out way better than I expect and probably, if I had taken a lot of time and planned and organized...nah....pretty sure that things would not have turned out as well.

I give you yet another example of this.

I have known for weeks my schedule for this class. I have 3 (uh-huh....three!!) schedule books and all of them have "Circle of Friends" written on October 16th AND 30th.
And yet....I waited until the very last possible moment to plan what I was going to serve.
So....last night...after the boys went to bed...after I had taken a shower...after I had watched an episode of CSI that I hadn't seen before...after I dug into the supply of Halloween decorations and found some things to use...well after midnight...I began to make the cake. I got it finished and then let it cool for the rest of the night. In the morning I would worry about frosting and decorating.

The boys got on their way about 7:45 this morning...and it was time to get busy.
Make the frosting.
Try to figure out the little tubes of chocolate "writing" frosting.
Go through the boys' toy boxes and and find spiders for decoration.
And this is what I finished with:
I took the cake and the decorations I had found to the classroom.....
....I ran to the convenience store to buy some small candies to fill the little-bitty Jack O'Lanterns for each student and we were ready to roll.

Oh....and if you are wondering where my flamingo is for today...well.....there is one just can't see it.....
This was the only plate I could find that was the right size for the cake!!!

And so...with that, my friends, I bid you a good-night. It's late...I'm's time.
Have a wonderful Friday!
If your day is not going as you would like, I wish you a "cream cheese frosting sort of thing" to happen that will make it all just a little bit better.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

You done good sister!

Have a great weekend, dear friend.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You are a pressure-junkie!

It looks fab.

Anonymous said...

Awesome cake...i made keagan and Antalope cake for his birthday. It turned out pretty darn good as well.

Ginaagain said...

You are fantastic! The cake is gorgeous and you are right.. carrot cake and cream cheese frosting can make almost anything better. I think I'm going to go make some right now! (My sick boy loves it.. thanks for reminding me)

Janet said...

That is a fantastic cake! I made one once...for was a sheet cake in the shape of a spider and when you cut into it's stuff oozed out (pistachio pudding LOL).