Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's amazing the difference a 6-year-old makes....

...or really....the lack of one.

No...nothing happened to Koji, but...he has been gone for a bit and...well...let me explain.

Koji is in his last year of daycare here. Really, he is a kindergartner, kindergarten is not a part of the public school system (it's all pretty much private), he is an unofficial kindergartner. Many of the things they do at daycare, run parallel to the private kindergartens....when they get into 1st grade, you can't really tell who came from what kind of 'school'.

Every age group at the daycare has a name....the baby group is the Tampopo gumi ("dandelion group"), then the something-gumi (sorry...forgot!!)...on up to the last group, the top group, the highest group, aptly named, Fuji-gumi (as in Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan at 3,776 meters....which is exactly how many grams Koji weighed when he was born!! uh-huh!! Kid you not!!)
Anyway...because this is their last year, the Fuji-gumi kids do a lot of fun stuff. In the fall, they take ice skating lessons for about 8 weeks....which Issei still talks about!!! They go on special mountain hikes, swimming days...but the best and most fun thing they do is....go camping....with only teachers....for 2 nights!!!!!

About 3 weeks ago, we had to get his backpack ready and take in in for the teachers to check to make sure that we had packed absolutely everything that was on the very long and extensive list. Inside the very large backpack was: 5 different plastic shopping bags, each with Koji's name and a number (each bag had a specific set of items...#1: 1 pair of shorts, 1 short-sleeved t-shirt, 1 pair unders; #2: 1 pair of shorts, 2 long sleeved-button down shirt, 1 pair unders, 1 short-sleeved t-shirt....and so on!!). There was also a bag for "extras" such as toothbrush, swimsuit, bug repellent, 2 cups of rice, a cleaning rag, and shoes to wear in the river.

After the teachers checked the came back home...and the entrance way of our house. It was like a scab that gets picked just because it's there....."Can I look inside?" "Is the camp today?" "Is the camp tomorrow?" "Can I see what's in there...I think I forgot." I finally after 3 days put the bag in a closet where he couldn't see it and be tempted by it.

Finally....the day arrived to go to camp. On Thursday...early in the morning, we double-checked to make sure that nothing had mysteriously disappeared from the bag....and off we went....
The ride to the daycare was filled with singing of camp songs and lots of nervous conversation (on his part...I was just listening and trying to concentrate on the road!!!)

His backpack was so big....I hope they didn't have to hike very far to the cabins!!!

Koji and his teacher doing a last check and putting a special name tag on his bag.

The energy level in that room was almost unbearable!!! One of the other mothers and I were talking and we thought that, as adults, we couldn't think of anything short of winning the lottery that would have us that excited!!!!

Right before I left him, I told him to "not cry for mommy" which, and I kid you not on this, the little turd rolled his eyes at me!!! And then he said to me "Mommy, too."

And no...I didn't roll my eyes back to him....I just said that I would try to be strong and not cry. He smiled at that....and not one of those "ah, my Mommy loves me", it was one of those "Yeah, you're gonna miss me" kind of smiles!!!

Funny thing about that....last night and tonight....strangely quiet here at the Kuroiwa House. No messes in the living's been really, very....nice. Though Issei said that he didn't sleep too well last night, even he mentioned how quiet it was without Koji.

Tomorrow (Saturday) at around 2:00 they come back...after hiking, campfires, playing in the river, looking for bugs, doing fireworks and all the other stuff that goes with camping, I'm sure he'll have lots to tell us.

And...sadly....our short-lived quiet time....will be over.

~~sigh~~It has been great while it lasted!!!


Flamingo Friday

I have just started watching Boston Legal on FOX. As I am a fan of David E. Kelly's shows (or most of them), I really do like this far. I'm not so sure though that the character that William Shatner plays is really too far from his true personality....but...the other people are funny and I do love the relationship that "Denny Crane" has with "Allan Shore". The last few minutes of each show are quite fun and sometimes actually moving to watch. But...I've always been a great fan of James Spader and even with the 50 few extra pounds, he is still quite sexy...IMHO!!!
And really....a flamingo suit and a martini...looks kind of fun to me!!!


Susan said...

OMG, a taste of the empty nest! After the initial shock, it is very, very nice.

I loooove Boston Legal, but very rarely can I stay awake for the last few minutes for their drinks on the balcony, but it is very funny!

Ginaagain said...

It's always very strange to see the dynamic of your house change when one kid is gone. I hope he had a wonderful camping experience.

Nancy said...

Boston Legal ... a MUST watch for me. I too, love the endings where Denny and Alan have their "special moments". You're in for some great shows.

I hope Koji enjoyed camp as much as you enjoyed the "quiet time".


Anonymous said...

I can not imagine sending a 5 yr. old on a camping trip for 2 days, let alone with teachers. They must be very brave souls or not very smart. my kids wouldn't even stay at Grandmas alone til they were 6 or 7 and the tears were there.

Anonymous said...

What brave teachers! I'm glad everyone is enjoying it though, those at home and those camping!

ms-teacher said...

It is indeed a nice respite when our youngest is gone, but boy do I sure get excited when he comes back.

This week he's gone with my parents to the Oregon coast, fishing, playing rummy with my mom, and I'm sure, doing all kinds of exploring.

He gets back either Monday or Tuesday and I'll be happy to see him :)

3rdEyeMuse said...

I can't wait to hear some of his stories! Glad you enjoyed the brief absense. :)

I'm a Boston Legal fan, too ... though I have to admit I've missed a lot.

pam said...

I love Boston Legal too. And love the relationship b/w Denny and Allan. I think I like so much because it's so like girlfriends. You rarely see that with men and it's written and acted so well. Love it!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

He really has your smile!

It sounds like a really fun trip; I can't wait to hear what he thought of it.

Janet said...

gambatte yo!

plastic shopping Japan phasing them out like the US is starting to do? Do Japanese grocery stores sell canvas or cloth or recycled materials shopping bags?

Moxy Jane said...

I always forget to watch this show, but when I do, I love it! I used to catch it more often when I would go to the gym...rows of tvs above the treadmills...although, it's dang hard to run and read subtitles at the same time!

Those flamingo suits are hysterical!!

hulagirlatheart said...

I thought I'd seen every last minute of Boston Legal (love it!) but somehow missed the flamingo scene. Pretty in pink.

Our house is so empty when our daughter is gone. She's an only, and we get lonely.

The Girl Next Door said...

I keep trying to watch this - everyone at my Firm says it's great. But I can't find time for TV. Maybe if Netflicks has back seasons on DVD??? The photo is hilarious!