Friday, March 13, 2009

A mis-diagnosis and then we turn Flamingo Friday up a notch or two

Koji update: Yesterday, I thought we were over the worst part of this whatever it is that the little man has....boy was I wrong! He woke up this morning...fever of about 37.9 (about 100 degrees for those of you dealing in Fahrenheit!) I cancelled classes again and took him into the doctor to get some more medicine.

While we were there, the Dr. did another influenza test...on Monday, the results were "negative" and so we were given cold meds and sent on our way. Today....the doctor looked at me with a really perplexed look on his face and said "Koji had influenza." The results this time were positive. Well, what?

Too late for the wonder-drug Tami flu (or however you spell it!), so he said that he was almost over it and would be fine in a day or two. Alrighty-right then. So...I took him to grandma's (I actually had classes this afternoon) and when we came home this evening, I gave him some 'little kid Tylenol' and put him to bed. I felt his forehead and palms and he isn't as hot as he was....please let's hope he on the road to recovery!!!

Thanks to all of you for your concern...through comments, e-mails and Facebook. Soon, I hope to post of picture of "Genki Koji"!! :-D


I volunteered for this meme from SmallTownMom Name 10 things I like,all beginning with the letter she assigned me: F

"OK, Debbie, your letter is F. Seriously....I didn't pick it because of your flamingos! I wrote down a random list of letters and it's the next one."

Personally...I'm thinking it's just great blogging karma!!

Here we go!!!

1. Flamingos.
(You were expecting maybe something else for the first one? Silly you!)>

(The K-man sent me this picture!!)

2. Flip-Flops

From the kind-of plain.... the pretty fancy. I love 'em.
3. French Fries
Sure...the regular ones are good, but....
...I prefer the curly fries.

4. Fajitas
Someone once asked me what my "last meal" would be (in the event I were ever in that particular situation) and this would be it.

5. Football
(oh how I do miss my football!! Go Broncos!!)

6. Fresh Flowers

7. Flirting

(And just for the record...I'm pretty good at it, too. I have an award...Senior high school..."Biggest Flirt" can check it out.)

8. Fall Out Boy

If you need some rocking music to get you going or when you're walking or exercising...I suggest you give these guys a try. I've downloaded 2 of their albums and I do like them a lot.

9. Fragrant Candles

These are my weakness. I'm partial to vanilla and freesia scented ones, but...pretty much any scent will do!!

(These are the ones I made for the Christmas Party!!)

10. Facials and Feet Massages

If you want play, let me know in a comment and I will toss a letter your way!!
(Thanks GoogleImages for all the pictures except that candle one!)


Anonymous said...

What a fitting letter for you. Not sure I would do as well as you. I hope Lil K-man is on the up swing.Thank God for Grandma's. Still waiting for our little one to arrive so your entry on "It's A Boy" hit home for me.
Shellie said...

fun fun fun
mona & the girls
hope your lil man's feeln better

smalltownmom said...

Perfect! What a great list...

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

We have lots of F things in common. French fries are a particular fave.

jan in nagasaki said...

was koji flu type A or B??? it knocked kayla out for 5 days and yesterday (day 6) she was slow... i think she'll be up and running for school tomorrow. just a fever and a cough... up to about 38.5.. was basically well except for the fever....

F fits you just perfectly!!

Janet said...

I'm looking forward to Genki Koji!

3rdEyeMuse said...

still wishing Koji speedy recovery ... sorry it hasn't gone yet.

fun and fantastic F list!! loved it and the foto's that used, too!

Jason, as himself said...

I love these F words!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I love the F word. I do.

I hope Koji is feeling better.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Heh! I just read Jason's comment. Great minds think alike. Heh.

Sojourner said...

I love your new masthead. Baby in a flamingo suit!