Tuesday, November 18, 2008

...and then the beautiful princess went to bed on Saturday night and when she woke up~~it was Tuesday night!!

Okay...so...maybe that's not exactly how it went down, but...that's pretty much how I feel. My weekend is now being catalogued as one of the "lost weekends". Classes on Saturday....up Sunday and I got as much laundry done as I could so I could leave to go to the "Cultural Festival" at one of the community centers that I teach a couple of classes.

In November, there is a national holiday called "Culture Day"....so this is the time of year that most of the classes at the community centers around the city all put on their yearly "please see what we have learned and then tell us how much better we are from last year" kind of performances. Chorus groups (seniors and children's group), music played on traditional Japanese instruments (shamisen and koto), dance groups ("healthy" dance--combination of low impact aerobics-yoga-stretching, hula, folk, ballroom--but is called "social dance" here), Tai Chi, and at this particular community center...yes, an English performance.

I teach two classes there and they take turns doing the festival. Last year, my students sang "Moon Over The Colorado". Ever since I came here many years ago, when people find out that I'm from Colorado, they, 9 times out of 10, will ask me if I know that song. "No....I don't.", I usually say. I asked my grandfather, who was the oldest person I knew from Colorado and he hadn't heard of it either. Obviously, a song that was on the B-Side of someone's record and only really popular in Japan. But...one that I do now know!!!

This year, my biggest class (22 students!!!) did a play that was in English and Japanese. I would describe it as a "traditional folk tale + travel information + English class".
It would be really hard to explain, so just let me say that....

It was hilarious.
We had a great time.
The audience loved it.
The majority of my students are hams and loved being on stage!!

It will be hard to beat this performance when we do this again the year after next!!

When I got home...I was tired...fixed a quick dinner...actually fell asleep in the bath
(I hope my book dries soon so I can finish it. Oh, yes, I did.......!!)
It's taking me some time to get back on my "blogging feet"....but we're getting there..slllooowlllly!!

(Just in case you were wondering!!)
On Saturday, during my morning class I got the following e-mails on my cell phone from my friend, Dena, from her oldest son's State Quater-Finals football game:

11:43 a.m.~~6 mins left in 2nd tied at 7
12:17 pm~~Start of 3rd tied at 7
1:04 pm~~2mins left hhs 7 pine 17
(Heritage High School)
1:15~~We're done. 17 7
Yeah....losing a big game like that your Senior year is on the top of the "Things that totally suck" list.....but....it is something that Jason and his friends will get over....I'm not so sure about Dena, though...I better call her and see how she is!!! {{hugs}}
In honor of Jason and his mom, who has been such an incredible force in his life...along with his little brother (who is the cutie-patootie little guy!!) and his grandparents (whom I love dearly and think of often...especially when I'm wanting to drink some good wine!!!!), I wanted to post this.......
Congratulations, Jason....on a great season!! It has been fun watching you through the years....I'm still amazed that you are as grown up as you are...(How did that happen?? Your mom and I are still very young!!). I'm looking forward to seeing what is in store for you next!!
(This means I have to start looking for a graduation present soon, doesn't it!?!)

Now...in the category of "Best Shot of the Day"...I give you a picture that I took at the community center on Sunday. I was standing in the entrance way talking to someone and the ballroom dance group was out front getting their picture taken.

Yeah....I just had to take this one!! It just makes me giggle!!!

Ah...true life depicted in the cartoons...funny, yet~~sigh~~I'm just chuckling to myself.

Let's just say that back in January or so (time?...who keeps track?) a good friend sent me some pictures from a catalogue that featured some incredibly skimpy and "Are you kidding me?" kind of swimsuits for men....as I was glancing through the site, the K-Man totally snuck up on me .....
K-Man: What are you doing? (in kind of a sing-songy voice!!)
Me: Shopping? For you?
K-Man: (snickering, as he left the room) I'll take the purple ones.
Just wait until Christmas, oh man of mine....boy is he going to be surprised!!!

Party Update
(Just in case you were wondering.)

Invitations are going out this week. So far....only a few already have other plans and can't come, so it looks like there might actually be a pretty good sized crowd.

(I would love to give you more details, but...since some of my students read my blog, I need to explain to them the "What is said in the blog, stays in the blog." idea. There are some things I want to be a secret.)

But...let me just say...I have found a way to include the flamingos!!!

Oh, yes, I did!!!

You all have a great Tuesday!!


Janet said...

lolol sometimes, those long sleeps are great ;-)

LOVE that picture of the hand!

Ginaagain said...

Will the K-man wear his new suit to the naked man festival? I want pictures. :-)

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Excellent piece of prose: "a song that was on the B-Side of someone's record"

The picture of the hand on the ass? TOTALLY HAWT! Great shot!!!

And the cartoon? Excellent.

It seems like you have so many celebrations and holidays and cultural events going on. I want to come visit!

smalltownmom said...

Oh, so busy! Glad to hear you worked in the flamingos somewhere.

Shellie said...

Too funny! The song of choice at my elementary school in Sasebo was John Denver's "Take me home, country roads"--never did figure out how that was picked.

hulagirlatheart said...

That picture is hilarious. I hope that's me when I'm old. Oh, wait. I forgot that I'm not getting old.

Ms. Lea 李女士 said...

Sounds like way too much fun!! Good for you!! Love that you included the Flamingo's!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Wow--my head is spinning from all you did--and now you have a cold. I hope you recover soon so you can go back to cruising People.com and the skimpy bathing suit sites. Oh yeah, and the party planning.