Wednesday, October 08, 2008

An update for a week that, though not bad, wasn't really good for my butt

I've been working that whole "burn your candle at both ends" idea for awhile now's time to put it "on hold" for a bit.
*Google Images*
It's only Wednesday and I'm already hoping that the weekend gets here soon....soonER would be better, but.....I understand how things go.
Tomorrow is going to be an easy day....because there are 5 Thursdays in October, most of my students would rather have 4 lessons in a month and I convinced them to take their "day off" on the same day. Which the morning? No class. In the afternoon? No class. I do have a couple of classes in the evening, but, no problem. I'm prepared for them already!!
Gosh...what am I going to do for that 8 hours between the time I take Koji to daycare and the time that Issei and I have to go back and pick him up.
Yes...I know....laundry should probably be the #1 thing on my list...and it is. Following that at #2 is "put clothes away from the last time I did laundry"!! I really should make the time to actually find the floor in my room. (Getting rid of Putting away the clean clothes that are piled up around the room will definitely help!!) Somewhere in between those things (along with cleaning off the kitchen table and doing dishes...) will be to grab some quality time sofa.
I didn't get to do that so much on Sunday.....and after the weekend (the start of THE biggest festival here in Nagasaki, Koji's sports festival and the wedding of my friend)....then classes all day on Monday and more of the festival on Tuesday (for which I woke up at the morning, mind you....yeah before the butt crack of dawn!! I'll post about it in a day or two!!)...class this morning....hula in the afternoon...and yes, MORE of the festival tonight....I deserve some quiet time, dammit!!!
I'll let you know how things work out!!!
And's Wednesday...and that means that I really should give you an update to the 5K Ass Project.....and a picture.
As far as exercise this week.....oh my God!!...Is that Robert Redford?
No? Oh....must have been someone who just looks like him...sorry about that. You were saying?
What? I was talking?
About what?
Exercise, you say?
Why would I talk about something I didn't really do?!?!
That's pretty much the truth...after all the running around I did this week, the idea of actually exercising just made me.....really, really...tired. the wedding party....the food!! The FOOD! THE FOOD!!
I didn't eat all of everything that was served to me (the "beverages" served to me were a whole 'nuther story,..), but I did enjoy what was offered.
I need to find the motivation to get back, seriously, on my "lifestyle adjustment" and finding this picture in the group from the undokai ("sports festival") on Saturday is helping with that. Koji and I were doing a dance that everyone did at the end of the day. Please ignore how my shorts seem to be riding up a bit....I was dancing, gosh darn it!! Little K-man and I were "shaking our groove things"!! (Except he looks like like he is just standing still in the photo...wonder what was up with that?!?!?!) But...the shorts are a size smaller than what I used to wear...there is bound to be some riding up when one is getting her her goove on!

On Sunday, I did spend a bit of time on the Internet...and I found this. I do love me some Seal and now I am going to find the CD that this came from. It's beautiful. The man certainly is a classic in his own right.


And with that, I will bid you a "good night"...sweet dreams to you all!!!


Janet said...

I love me some Seal! Funny...I started off my time in Japan absolutely HATING him because my then husband played his song "crazy" a million gazillion times. Then one day, after we were separated, but I still lived in Japan, I heard this song (it was Prayer for the Dying) and fell in love with it instantly. Imagine my surprise when I found out it was Seal. Actually, the CD that song was from ended up being one of my favorite CDs ever, one I could listen to every track on. And it reminds me of my last boyfriend, oh so very much. In fact...we were walking through a store in mall one day and one of the songs from that CD came on and he danced with me, right there in the store. Man, do I miss him!

smalltownmom said...

The butt looks pretty tiny from here.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I love your laundry methods. We understand each other.

Your ass is hawt. Mine is nawt.


i am very mary said...

I can't even show the ass yet because I'm still working on the quitting smoking thing. My ass will have to wait on my lungs. HA!

Mrs. G. said...

Not a good butt week for me either. Love, love, love Seal.

hulagirlatheart said...

Shaking your groove thing counts as exercise. Don't let anyone tell you it doesn't.